How fast or slow is your processing speed?

Slow processing speed can occur in things like dyspraxia and schizophrenia amongst others.

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I dont like to think about these things. Really depressing.

I am in the 91st percentile. On one question I clicked the wrong box on accident so I guess I could have done better.

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I know that I have a very slow processing speed. And this is what lowers my IQ so much. Otherwise, I would have a high normal IQ. Exercise for your brain

I had a high iq b4 my illness. Now I feel like a dummy.

Try ‘Cognitive style’. The first test is processing speed. Like you my processing speed is slow.

Mentions how slow processing speed can drag IQ scores down in children. High intelligence and slow processing speed can mean a learning disability(USA term),learning difficulty(UK term)

79th percentile. Sad for someone who played FPS games for over 10 years. Thanks, SZ.

Tried it again, got 99th percentile, and 6 ms processing time. Weird. I don’t believe.

79th percentile. Hard to do on my phone lol.

I tried again. Improved my ‘Mixed signals’ to 1783 ms but still in 1st percentile.

My final result was 95th percentile on the first try. Not too bad i suppose

It’s the same with me.

I started calculating it then I got distracted


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