How does missing a single dose affect you?

for me, as a schizoaffective, i often get an increased mood and have a harder time sleeping. sometimes just missing a dose will do that, sometimes not.

I threw up a dose of risperidone and went into a scary painful withdrawl 3 days later, for a week and a half. Then I was extremely sensitive to xanax, co q 10, sea kelp and ibuprofen. I would go into weeks long crises over them. It was really messed up. I dont know when my brain will stop being sensitive to substances.

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Did not feel good at all…bad time

I never notice anything out of the ordinary if a miss a dose.

Catch me missing a dose four days though and I’ll be climbing the walls. And my walls ain’t easy to climb.


Nothing happens if I miss one dose. I’ve been without my antipsychotic since Tuesday (long story; luckily I’ll be getting back on it tomorrow) though and I definitely feel different. I feel like my head is engulfed in cotton lol. I’m having my family keep a close eye on me. I think I’ll be able to make it until tomorrow. I’ll be so upset if this period of deprivation results in a hospital stay.

throws off the balance of your med/life system i suppose and just makes stuff unstable.

A single dose missed doesn’t affect me but after three days my mind gets jumbled and weird

I get a huge headache.

I just stress a lot over a single dose, hoping it doesn’t do anything in the long run

Missing a single dose can make me psychotic.

Missing a single dose of Geodon usually just gives me insomnia. A single missed dose of gabapentin and I develop the shakes, even if I’m only a few hours late.

I can begin to destabilize, or nothing. Never know.

like drugs and narcotics :frowning:

I take injection so a late or missed dose makes me psychotic and\or delusional

One day doesn’t do much. After about three or four days I start to become paranoid. Now I’m on an monthly injectable so I don’t have to worry about missing a dose. I still have pills though, Lamictal and zyprexa. Nothing much happens if I miss a day of Lamictal. I just started zyprexa so it’s to early to tell.

I don’t take those any more. But I guess the feeling would be the same. But thats how i feel after missing one dose, uncomfortable, after 2 or 3 depressed hits and I start struggling. I don’t like missing and become unstable again. But I bounce back pretty fast. Thanks for the hit @ola.

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