How does college work with disability?

What should i know? Can i recieve benefits and a student loan at the same time? Are grants available for people like us to help out?

Also just as a general question about college, how long does it take to get accepted for a student loan? Also what should my first step be? See someone at the school or apply for a loan, other?




this is something ive been worried about because im starting college next month. i receive ssi. ive read stories about people having it taken away because they consider being a full time student the same as working even though im not making money from being a student nor do i think its as taxing on me mentally to be a student

I would call the Financial Aid office at the college of your choice to get these answers if no one helps you here. When I went to community college I didn’t take out loans (to be honest I don’t know if you can get loans for a two year college) but I got financial aid and I was receiving SSDI at the time. Also many colleges have some kind of disabled student office where they will help you to enroll in college and help you succeed. One way they do this is by arranging accommodations for your classes. This can include giving you extra time to take exams and sometimes letting you take exams alone in a room with no distractions. I’ve used their services before and they helped me register for classes and paid enrollment fees (but they didn’t pay for the units). They have counselors who helped me pick classes and choose a major and write out a plan for my education. They are confidential and if you pass on the accommodations, you can still use the disabled student services without your classmates or your teachers knowing you are using them, (if you want to keep that info confidential).


You may lose ssd if you go to college.

According to the people I spoke with at my local Social Security office, I could go to school and still receive SSDI (in US). In fact, you can get help going to college or getting vocational training through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in your state/area. They work with people on disability.

Yes, you can still get student loans. Federal Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans are available, and once you have applied with FAFSA (seriously necessary for would-be and current college students), you can request loans through your school of choice. You receive an acceptance letter for the school year, do entrance counseling and a promissory note, and the funds are dispersed in time for the correct semester assuming that you filled out your paperwork and got everything done that was required of you by your school’s priority deadline. For dependent students, 1st year college students can borrow $5500, 2nd years $6500, and after that, $7500. The maximum loan amount for dependent undergrad students is $31k. Dependent student loan limits are $9500 1st year, $10,500 2nd year, and then $12,500 then on with a maximum undergrad amount of $57,500. If that isn’t enough, you can get Stafford loans, Perkins loans, grants, scholarships, etc.

Hope that helps!

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