Just registered for comm. college classes

I feel not good because of my alogia but my parents will be happy if im not just hanging around the house doing nothing the whole fall/winter.

My learning ability isn’t what it once was hopefully I’ll be able to do ok.

Now I’ll get to see just how good my cognition is. Wish me luck.


Good luck!! It might be fun
My advice is: don’t take on too much at once or too fast.
Did you check to see if your college has a Disability Program? Lots of colleges do. They can help pay fees and set up some accommodation’s for you. They can council you for free about what your educational goals are and how you can achieve them. They will help you pick a major and they might be able to help you if any problems arise.


Good luck. :mortar_board:

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Good luck! I returned to college last spring and took a couple courses then and the same during this summer term. I have a full-boat scheduled for fall. You can do it! I can do it! We can do it! :smile:


For next semester you can get Vocational Rehabilitation to pay tuition, books, meal plan, and housing if you qualify. If you get SSDI you can qualify easily.