How does alcohol effect us schizoas/schizos?

I want to know how alcohol has effected u. Not while uve been drinking, thats obvious, but the after effects. And is it wrong to use alcohol as a crutch to get through hard times in life?

I feel like crap after even if its just a couple beers so i only drink occasionally

I don’t have SZA but alcohol and me…not agood mix, I wake up in weird places, sometimes wearing either strange clothes or no clothes…usually some place public with pictures of it ending up online…

I changed it to include straight sz. I meant schizoa in a broad sense but still that doesn’t sound like too much fun. I never have that happen to me i just sit hunched over in my room numb to everything. Then the next day i want more and feel depressed

It makes everything worse for me, I never drank to relax tho, only to get obliterated and escape, I saw the demons clearly especially when suicidal, one stayed in the corner of the room always,

another time there were so many demons screaming at me and they wouldn’t leave me be until I did what they said, so I got as drunk as possible and started to complete the task, in the process, stabbed my thumb so badly it required surgery, then I was sent to a state hospital

After that, I knew alcohol was poison for me, not only does it break down inhibitions, it allows the spirits to dominate

alcohol can lead to intense emotional states… that aint good for sz…

if you were always emotional and you are trying to use substances to medicate/escape…

you could try committing to sobriety for a week a so and try to iron those depressive tendencies out…

if it was easier to get to co I’d chill with you bro.

Hang tight zuma


I go to AA on ocassion but i never meet anyone my age.

yeah… it’s tough meeting new folks…

I’d find a coffee bar with a patio… smokers are easier to start convos with you can just chill with them… sit out there with a coffee or tea

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Its not just meeting new folks. Everyone is literally twice my age so its hard to relate. I want to find people my age going through similar experiences. Like u said chill with the bi mentally ill folk but thats hard to come by. Though im searching like Roy Ayers. One day ill find my people hopefully

don’t be afraid to nod at someone when you walk out there… or say “whats up” if you see a loner and you sit a comfortable distance that allows communication.

Look for signs of their culture. they might be reading books or whatever. Have an anime t-shirt… something you can relate too.

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I am recovering from a relaspe. I took less dosage for a week. Then i had some remy. On top of those i didnt take my meds for a couple of days… I was outta their still im coming of it but gosh i been praying to GOD OFTEN… I ASKED GOD TO LET MY FAMILY GO TO HEAVEN AND FOR ME AND MY GIRL TO GET MARRIED… AND FOR ME TO HAVE A SEX CHANGE AND GET A TATTOO…WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM WHR MY GRANDFATHER DIED I THOUGHT I WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THEIR… AND MY GRANDMA WAS A DEMON… I WAS TRIPING HARD. Im coming back down but i wont forget those memories…

Well man… you might surprised… it aint going to happen every time or even the first time. Meeting some normies aint bad for you either… you can just practice talking.

No need to play for keeps. Just get out there.

When people smile and say goodbye… who ever they are… it feels pretty good

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Yea ur right i just gotta learn how to accept that not all people will vibe with me. Some might though so i never know

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the coffee bar chillers want culture… they like difference… it aint a sports bar

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you might recognize your kind after a while… don’t be too specific… just go be a person.

You’re an american. You’ve watched TV… man they’ve lived 50% of the same life that you have. They’ve all drank a pepsi…

you feel alone man… but you are disregarding commonality… aint your fault. You’re just a sz. Normality is a bore to you… but if you can recall earlier on… it was all about getting out of class to go eat a bag of dorritos… they never left that world.

When it’s all said and done… you are going to realize that you have a lot to bring to the table. You’re suffering will benefit you. It’s just the suffering part that sucks.

Remember to take your time and get comfortable with the environment. Just og every day at different times… sit down and chill. When it’s routine to order and deal with the staff. When it no longer feels like such a foreign place. You might start feeling like you belong a bit more.

Just sit and play on your phone. Read about whatever you read on the internet… come on here. Have some positive experiences… don’t be afraid to smile or chuckle if you laugh a bit or whatnot

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most of the people in my help group are in their 40s to 60s, there are only 7 of us under 40, and I am the only one in his 20s One is older than me, the other five are 15-19…

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Ok ill try that then. I just gotta get past this disconnect i feel around others and ill do ok i guess. I just feel i also have nothing to offer other people so i make it up by offering myself a drink.

ah… and don’t make it sexual bro… commit to it inside… you don’t want to have sex with any of them… regardless.

Just try and get to know them.

You really just need someone to talk too out there.

Sexual anxiety bogus interchange ■■■■ will just get in the way…

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Thats the last thing on my mind when i talk to someone. Most of the time its just “are they against me” “are they real” “do they like me” “am i saying the right stuff” “should i be doing this”. Crazy ■■■■ like that which makes it feel so disconnected and artificial. Im trying to work on it but ptsd plays a part in it

hah man I get it… they aint against you dude… and they are real

just work on the glance and nod when you walk out on the patio with someone…

that is anyone looks at you I mean. Let them know you aren’t afraid of their contact. (even if you are… you’ll find the glance and nod might put you at peace.) if they respond negatively don’t worry about it. They aren’t going to be thinking about for long. In a few days it wouldn’t be important at all. They’d forget soon after that whether you see them again or not.

If they do respond negatively… just don’t nod at that particular person again. You tried to reach out… the reacted negatively and therefor rejected you… their loss man. You’re a good dude, got a lot of depth.

be fearless and don’t be afraid to look around and listen.

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