How do your senses work?


Or how well do they work?

I often have a low sense of smell.

I hear things and have trouble putting it together sometimes.

I love the taste of peppered turkey.

The sensation combined with the smell really make all my senses come alive. I know what is going on for example.

Taste stings the toungue. I believe breathing in the atmosphere is especially rewarding when the olfactory nerve endings are functioning proper.

The senses should be respected at all times.


Sight… not perfect, but I wear glasses. Sometimes sight gets very sensitive. Lights are too bright or it’s too bright out for me… even on a lightly cloudy day. Hallucinations… becoming less frequent.

Smell… Not heightened, but sometimes I smell smoke or something that will add to a hallucination.

Taste… use to be very extra sensitive, that was also when I was sure everyone was poisoning me. I think that’s been calming down a bit too. I have a very odd sense to taste.

Hearing… the voices are fading, but I still get too deep in my own thoughts to really listen. I hear a lot of things that others can’t. Super sonic hearing. Everything gets too loud. The hum of the fridge or the hum of a light bulb is very distracting.

Touch… that is the wild card. With the tactile hallucinations and the weird thing that I have… if someone puts their hand on me… then take their hand away… I still feel the hand. It takes a little longer for that feeling to fade.

Humor… to be taken with a grain of salt… usually coffee makes it worse.
Thank you for this topic.


And thanks for the breakdown of your senses was very informative.

Smell is the only that is my primary sense distributor. At the olfactory lies the middle matrix of the brain where everything gets routed out to various functions.

My hearing can get hyper agitated i start deluding. Only happens when i try to articulate far off sounds. The tv blabbing away nonsense can really affect my anger issues.


This is exactly why I don’t have a T.V. any more. Can’t take it. I can read the news and be fine… but angry screaming/ shouting people… gets to me in a hard way.

My heart rate and blood pressure dropped the minute I killed the T.V. I can watch a few movies on the computer if I need too.

Other then that… Don’t miss it.


I live with a person who always watching sitcoms and the laughter and jokes go over my head and set me off on delusions sometimes. Gotta stay clear.


I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so much so that very strong smells can give me headaches. I have bad eyesight, everything is blurry far away. I have ok hearing, but I do have trouble processing what people say sometime, almost like I’m trying to listen to a foreign language. But that doesn’t happen too often. My taste is fine, as far as I know. (Lost my sense of taste once while on one medication…it was terrible) And I have tactile hallucinations so I don’t know what that means about my touch sensations lol.


Anna hi there i would just suggest trying not to articulate sound aka language too hard. Just keep attentative attention to all you see and hear and smell train to do that everyday and just like a bodybuilders muscle gets bigger along with proper meds the senses will improve too take care