How do you think you are doing just now?


how are you doing just now?

good, bad, indifferent


Fighting urges to self-harm, took a neurotin that was a few hours too late. Feeling better after eating banana bread. Urges, urges. No, no, will not. Thanks for asking, daydreamer. How are you doing just now?


doing ok, i had a good day but my eyes are a bit sore and i’ve had a headache which was probably bc i took my med a bit later :frowning: its never perfect lol

welcome to the site btw, hope you enjoy it here :slight_smile:


Keep having good days! That’s too bad about your eyes though. The meds make my eyes all wonky too, but it’s a lot better now after taking them for a few weeks. Hopefully you won’t have to experience sore eyes again if you are late for another dose in the future.

Thanks for the welcome, I’ve been a lurker for a while. Time to come out! :smiley:


I’m trying to motivate myself to clean the apartment.


How I am doing now this second? Awful. I have to come to grips that I am going too live out the rest of my life as a fat man. Holy cripes, I just cannot lose this fu%ing weight. My fat brother again comes into the house again bragging that he is rapidly losing weight - bull sh&t. He is still fat. He tells me that I basically do not have the will power and that i should exercise more and eat less. I am thinking what a moron its the meds stupid - doesnt he get it? what a total idiot.
I told him if I were not taking these meds I would be 60lbs lighter than him - I am in a pissed off mood - hes toxic I am telling you


Good got my first fishing license today. Had a nice day with my family. No symptoms today we’ll see tomorrow.


Still having symptoms but I’m getting used to it. The voices are quieter though they are still almost ever present.


I lost 70 lbs on the Atkins diet while on prolixen and then resperidone. I kept it off for 5 years. I gained it back and more. I got up to 268 lbs. The Atkins diet was not practical for me. The diet is for life. But my body could not handle carbs on the diet. I can’t explain the whole problem but basically I would have had to live on 20 grams of carbs per day for the rest of my life. That is NOT enough carbs to live on, but my metabolism can’t handle more But my body did not process them as other peoples do.
But it was a great 5 years being normal weight. About 1 1/2 years ago I tried a diet by a French doctor name Dr. Dukan. He invented a diet in France similar to Atkins. Lots of protein, low carbs. I went from 268 lbs. down to 192 lbs. But once I lost all that weight I did not follow the recommendations and today I weigh 243 lbs. Yo-yo dieting is dangerous especially in massive weight loss but I’m going to start the Dukan over again from scratch. This time I know where I went wrong and I can correct my mistakes to keep the weight off. I hope. But I just want to repeat.I lost over 65 lbs WHILE on anti-psychotics. I got lazy and gained all back.


Yeah I lost over 65lbs when I was on Abilify. I lost it mainly by eating very low carbs, but I gained it all back. Being on a low carb diet is not very healthy, especially bad for your liver. Its jut that on Risperdal it is so difficult to lose weight for me.
I am not eating loads of junk food, I think I am going to have to basically starve myself. Maybe eat 2 main meals a day and eat as low carb as I can. Carbs and sugar is what makes people gain weight mainly.It is so frustrating :frowning:


Happy right now. Going to drink some of the devils nectar and go watch 22 jump street with friends.


everything, seriously. good --happy often, bad–angry often and indifferent – I am refusing to love and nurture those that don’t love me.



some problems are fading, others are increasing.

In some cases I feel like I’m doing much better. In other cases I feel like I’m not doing as well as I should.

Trying to stay mindful, patient and let the negative stuff just wash over without acting on it and feeding other problems. Just trying to say to myself… “things change, don’t stress.”


improving slowly
able to do new things haven’t done for a long time
feeling coping better with anxiety issues
successful at college


waiting for the world cup games to start, otherwise, not too bad i guess.
could always be worse right?


I’m doing better with positive symtoms, and having less episodes. Still getting episodes. Had one this morning. That was a setback but usually I get 2 episodes a week. This episode was the second in like 4 weeks. So I’m doing a little bit better. I hope this medicine will keep helping me even better in the future. I take clozapine.


Bloody chronic tension headaches. I feel like i have fatigue or seem quite tired all the time. The voices have reduced a lot and may have stopped besides voice alterations. Seeing my doc tomorrow and will be raising up the dose on my geodon. EA sports ufc is coming out tomorrow so im looking forward to a new game.


I am doing OKay, not as good as months ago because I had persecutory dream last night. That scared me and I increased the dose of me amisulpride today. All in all , life is good for me, I do not have delusion, depression, anxiety, blurred vision, nor physical pains. My attention span is also OK. So I should not complain.


Ok,I guess. If being stuck at a level and not really improving or deteriorating is doing ok.


I have been all over the place lately. One day feeling positive, the following day anxious, another day a bit paranoid etc… I am feeling more activated and energized, a bit hypomanic maybe. Yesterday afternoon I felt ok - just a bit energized. My doctor really wants this med - Lamictal to work for me. I just may try to stick out, just feeling a bit on edge - oh well