Doing well or not?

I would love just one word or explanation from you,are you doing well or not?

I am actually doing ok,because of my meds


my sz rainbow is grey today.
take care

I’m doing miserable, I’m in so much pain, and I can’t do anything right

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Beast I used to be like you for 5 years not including prodromal,you will get better one day

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Today I can’t complain. Mobc, it’s good to see you in good shape.

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What’s prodromal? I’d really like to know, I have hopes but this dude just isn’t satisfied,

It goes up and down. Mostly up. I can work. The voices seem to settle when I’m working. Mabe it’s too much happening around me. And when I relaxe at home the voices come back.

Prodromal is “pre schizophrenic, but the starting phase of schizophrenia”…in my own words…I’m sure someone else has the actual definition, but that is what it means to me…

As far as doing well, yes, I guess I am…I am not lonely as much as I was just a couple of days ago, my meds also keep me happy and stable.

i’m doing a bit worse since stopping college but not too bad, i’ve been gettin a bit panicky here and there and also a bit weird but nothing major, i think its also because i have been forgetting to take my med on time but apart from that i am still soldiering on.

if i didn’t have these ■■■■■■■ migraines i would b doing ok. voices some days busy, other days infrequent so i never know quite what i’m gonna b like from one day to the next tbh. but i’m ok for now. haldol not working on voices. time to up the dose on tuesday to 50mgs. it stil won’t b enough but we have to take these things slowly i guess.

Early detection of schizophrenia is often very difficult before a person starts actively hallucinating or exhibiting bizarre behavior. It can be very stressful for a patient or a loved one to hear the diagnosis of schizophrenia, particularly when it seems to come out of the blue. In this blog, I will discuss the prodromal phase of schizophrenia. This is the period of illness when symptoms first appear but often aren’t recognized. It almost always begins after puberty and is usually followed by a period of increasing symptoms along with a decline in overall functioning.

The prodrome phase usually occurs one to two years before the onset of psychotic symptoms (ex: hallucinations, paranoid delusions) in schizophrenia. The symptoms people usually have during this time aren’t very specific. Usually people report symptoms of anxiety, social isolation, difficulty making choices, and problems with concentration and attention. It is late in the prodromal phase that the positive symptoms of schizophrenia begin to emerge. 
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I am bumbling alone. Doing better than some and worse than others.

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Meds are good, Therapy is good, I’m doing better then I have in a very long time.

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I am largely stable. I think I have reached the plateau and cannot ask for more. Can’t say I’m not doing well. But I have big problems I cannot find solutions. It makes life difficult to live.

I think there’s a difference between stability and functionality.

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I cannot answer you with either well or not well as far as Im concerned - its not that simple, because I have too many symptoms, my disorder is complex. One day Im doing fine, the next day Im not and the cycle continues

I can swim in the shallow end of life’s pool but venturing into deeper waters runs a real risk of floundering.

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I’m hanging in there, but I need some change in my life. I’m working on that. Maybe one day I will succeed.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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I am doing too well to be true. My meds work like magic and I have a lot going for me, and I have a strong drive to succeed. I keep in mind that I am still mentally ill regardless of how well my meds work, and I am always prepared for the worst. I think I am a psychiatrist’s wet dream, I came in bonkers and came back a year later functioning more way more highly than the average person, that is the average normal person, not the average mentally ill person.

I just got lucky. Before I got on meds, I was too paranoid and asocial to even get on these forums. I used to be very ill. I might be one of the most highly functioning people on these forums, but I was in worse shape than most of you guys are a year ago to this day. I just miraculously recovered with medication.

I wish medications worked like magic for all of us. You might even wonder why I am on these forums given how highly I function- It’s because this isn’t the real me. Without medications, I am extremely ill and absolutely pitiful.

you can take a path that will take you to the stars i can take a path that will see me through i can take a path that will see me through …nick drake