How do you prepare for your psych meetings

I maintain quite good diaries and before my psych visit I review my diaries since the previous meeting and make a list of things I want to talk about, this helps me a lot because otherwise I might be thoughtless at the meeting, however sometimes I discuss some other matters such as how people have behaved with me, I think that one big thing in my next meeting (shortly) is what happened after the death of one person, it is a big mess and everybody wants to have as much money as possible.


That sounds like a good system. I should journal what’s going on with me because I simply go over and over in my head what I want tot talk about when I am waiting to see the pdoc and I typically forget something. Perhaps writing it all down would be a better way to go.

Hey mj do u get disability pension or money …how much do u get…??

I end up throwing journals away because I ramble and write down things that I have a hard time talking about. Every once in awhile I can write down exactly what’s going on and what I’m thinking, but even then, once I’m not in that moment anymore, I have a hard time answering questions about it, etc.
I think it’s a good idea, but I still have a hard time verbalizing.

I think that diaries are excellent, in these I can write my own thoughts, opinions and emotions and then discuss these when I have psych meetings, I actually go so far in this diaries maintenance that I even write down things that other people have said to me or what others have done. Diaries are helpful tools, although I may remember things quite well, but these diaries add to my memory. I remember I started keeping paper diaries in 1999 more because this was a time when I started hearing voices more and I experienced related memory loss. I have now over 31 different paper notebooks / diaries since the beginning of 1999, I have also written some diaries on my 1997 PC, this system is not connected to the Internet and so they can not steal my digital diaries. Yes, I am paranoid, well I was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic long time ago.

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