How do you organize your day?

How do you organize your day?
I have to start my day with lots of rest, nothingness, solitude, and some forum time. A time of zoning and building courage and negotiating with myself, and plenty of zoning out.
I get so confused about how to organize myself and what to do next. (In the evenings I depend on cues from my family).
I make a list of everything I can think of.
Even drinking water.
Then I make another list rearranging them in order.
Sometimes I schedule times, my nurse suggested that.
So like this:

  • Drink water. Take meds.
  • Rest 8am - 130pm. Light candles.
  • 130pm eat something anything
  • Tie up hair
  • Put in laundry
  • Make bed
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Sweep
  • Rest again
  • Drink water
  • Put on shoes
  • Go on treadmill 5 mins
  • Put on bathing suit
  • Go in hot tub 1 cycle
  • Put out clothes
  • Turn on shower tap
  • Step into shower
  • Wash 30 seconds
  • Get dressed
  • Rest
  • Pick up reward
  • Errand?
  • Etc

I use checkboxes.
Most of these are already a written out routine and input on list.
I don’t always get even these simple things done.

So you get confused and lost with what to do next unless you have a guideline.and routine? I do.

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actually I was just working on a schedule,

right now this is what I have jotted down about what I want to do in my 16 hours a day awake.

treadmill 1 hour
groom 1 hour
breakfast 1 hour
work or look for work 4 hours
commute to and from work 1 hour
garden 2 hours
lunch 1 hour
workout 2 hours
guitar practice 2hours
dinner 1 hour

sleep. 8 hours

still don’t know when I will do what. I will probably start my day on the treadmill. I don’t have enough time to study or to watch baseball doesn’t look like, will probably get online while im eating. that is just weekdays though, on the weekends I will run all my errandds and get my place cleaned up.


so my schedule would probably look like this

5am wake, have veggie juice, walk on treadmill
6am eat breakfast
7am shower shave get dressed
730 commute to work
8am-noon work
noon-1230pm commute home
1230pm-130pm eat lunch
130-330pm garden
330-530pm workout
530pm quick shower
6pm-7pm dinner
7-9pm guitar practice

9-5am sleep.

I think that is probably the schedule I will adopt, I was going to stay up later at night, but I keep waking up in the morning naturally now that im getting older. Im hoping to be able to wash dishes or something at restaurant in my hometown from 8am-noon. will see what is hiring.


Wow that’s so much good stuff. I always have to put my stuff in order. I did get some things done today. My list helps

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