What is your way to start the day

I started sleeping quite early and woke up early as always. I still slept eight hours. After waking up I made a big cup of cappuccino for myself and opened my laptop to write here again while listening my favorite music. I feel good.


After being awake half an hour or so I take my meds and vitamins that I have prepared in the previous evening, it is my standard system and I feel great.

I check in + out for half an hour in bed. Get up + test my blood sugar. Make a glass of tea + take my meds which hopefully are sort out in the box. Go back to bed till my effexor kicks in. Get up + check in on the internet. Eat an English muffin, strawberry preserves and milk… Open the window.

wake at around 4am. make a coffee and cigarette. turn on my laptop and just surf till 6am then wake my son up for school, wait for him to get ready, take him to school. then go back to bed for a couple of hours.

The first thing I do is take my meds. Second: feed my cat. Third: give him his asthma medicine which is in an inhaler form. On work days I will then take a shower, shave, etc. About then I will sit and drink a soda or two. Sometimes I eat breakfast, but frequently I don’t. Make my bed most days.

I wake up 04-06. Take my meds at 06 AM every day. I prepare my meds once every week, on sunday evening. Then I wake up my son at 06. Make breakfast. Make sure my son goes to school in time. He travels by bus. Then I take cup of coffe and surf on my phone. My computer is broken. If it is a work day I leave at the same time as my son.

I’ve got to know 77nick77. How exactly do you give a cat an inhaler?!?!

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i am normally woken by a phone call from sweep about 9am then i get up and make a cup of tea and take my med then i put a record on and i surf the interwebs while watching the comedy channel until sweep shows up and we go out for a drive

I wake up usually before 7am - fill my pill container with meds, take my first dose, then I go make coffee for the entire family, have my coffee and go online for a while, let my dog out to go to the bathroom

Coffee and a cigarette before 6 A.M., then breakfast and pills. Then wash up and shave.

My kid sis used to get up a 4:00 a.m. to get ready for her 5:00 a.m. shift so I would get up too and she would make me breakfast.

Now, I get up at 4:00 a.m. because I’m just used to it, feed my fish and run out and get all the nasty letters off my sisters car, make some coffee have my first of three cigarettes in a day and try and find my cat. (That I don’t have, but I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye)

I eat my breakfast and take my meds and get ready for work. I take my bath at night. Sometimes I shave, sometimes I don’t. Clean shaven isn’t part of the job requirement. I do always brush my teeth. Around 7:00 a.m. I’ll go wake up my sis so she can get ready for work. We usually both split at 9:30 a.m.

In a few weeks my kid sis will be able to take over early morning lap swim at her new pool and life will start to feel a little more back to normal.

I wake up anywhere from 3-5 am. My coffee maker is programmed, makes my coffee, then wakes me up with an alarm when it’s finished. I get my coffee and immediately take my supplements. I take ginkgo and B-12. They help wake me up super fast, so I’m not sedated anymore.

I then enjoy my coffee and a few cigarettes for about 30 minutes. Then I walk my dog for about 15. Come back in and start being productive!

Every day is the same. But I’m happy and thankful for each day :slight_smile:




I usually wake up 2 to 3 hours before work to take a shower and to eat something. I find myself difficult to stay away from my bed otherwise. Maybe I can do better if i make morning walk a daily routine.

I bought a contraption made especially for cats. It is a tube closed off at the back except for a hole. and on the opposite end is a soft plastic mask that fits over the cats mouth. I put the inhaler in the hole in back, shake it and squirt one dose into the see-through cylinder. Then I quickly fit the mask over his mouth so there is a tight seal. Every time the cat inhales he gets some of the mist and a tiny piece of plastic ‘flutters’ showing me each breath so I can count how many he’s getting I count ten breaths and that’s his dose. The contraption cost me $200.00, the inhaler cost me about $60.00 and has enough doses for three months. Originally I was paying $250.00 for one inhaler, but the women who raised my cat Milo from a kitten gave me the name of a drug company up in Canada where I am paying 1/3 of what the inhaler costs in the U.S.

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I have no fixed time to wake up. It’s almost always before seven. I have taken to meditating after getting up the past two or three weeks. I take care of my two cats, read, consider my business with the world, make breakfast, do the tasks I have to do at home. I usually have things to do on the outside. I sometimes put everything aside and take a walk in the woods.

4 coffees no more no less oh and no talking pls.

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I wake up at 9 and immediately smoke a cig while making coffee. I then drink my coffee and browse these forums. I feel really groggy whenever I wake up, but the coffee fixes me up. I just take it easy in the mornings, I dont expect much out of myself given how sedated I feel when I wake up.

I have floaters. Most of the time they look like bugs out the corner of my eye. But SOMETIMES I see a cat.

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