Planning your day

something i struggle with is making a plan for the day.
usually what happens is i cant decide on what i should do. Like I could study programming or I could read something? or wait maybe I should eat first. or maybe a walk would help? and on and on.

but then i end up doing nothing and sitting on the couch cuz its hard to get moving.

anyone have any tips for just getting started or making a day plan?

Write out a schedule the night before and place it on your bedside. Always helps me.


thats a good idea, i always try to do a plan in the morning and i just feel paralyzed in indecision.

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I keep my time slots generic and I leave plenty of time for other things. It is easier to show you, so I’ll type out an example.

8a (or whenever I wake up) - wake up and lie there and think

8:30a ish - Get up and eat breakfast

10a ish - Get busy and blog, read, or take notes

Noon - Lunch

1-3p - Study

3-4p - Read, music, or correspondence

5-8p - Make dinner and eat

8p on - Do whatever

As you can see, what I don’t put down is personal care or chores, even walking the dog has been left out. There is a lot of room for when I am hearing stuff, or when I need to nap. The basic idea is to change activities about every two hours.

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thanks that sounds like a good way to do it

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Yeah, I think writing it down is a good idea. I have a drawer I keep all my important papers in. I have bills and paperwork of all the business that I need to take care of.

For example, I have my car insurance paperwork to renew my insurance, I have a printout my doctor gave me of future appointments, I have paperwork for joining Weightwatchers, I have several papers dealing with switching internet providers, Several papers of my physical therapy provider etc.

Every night, about an hour or two before bedtime I take out my stack of papers and go through them and make a list of everybody I need to call, everything I need to read (doctor handouts, SSDI papers, my diet instructions etc). I write down to exercise the next day, get my car washed. It’s a short piece of paper of about from 6-10 tasks.

And once I have everything that I can do the following day, I number them as to what the priority is. I put a 1 next to the thing I need to do most, a 2 next to the next important, and so on. It’s not really as complicated as I may be making it sound. The whole process takes just several minutes. But I make this list and use it to plan my day.

I try to make all my phone calls early in the morning when I’m at my sharpest. And I plan my day around doctors visits and plan the errands I need to run. I also put down places I want to go, I’ve been trying to get to a couple of nearby museums for ages but I always put it off.

But yeah, this works for me, I’ve been doing it for twenty years. And another thing is that having a list works great but it took me awhile to learn not to stress about getting everything on the list done in one day. Some things I absolutely need to do that very day, other things can be put off if I don’t feel like doing them that day. As I do things on the list I cross them off.

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awesome thanks for sharing nick!

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I have a diary and write everything in it

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