How do you live alone?

How do you guys manage to live in your own apartment? Do you have SSI? Does it cover your expenses? Does it get lonely or boring? I have many questions…


@thebest did it. 15

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You can find discounted housing if you are on SSI and SSDI. I think you will be pooled with other disabled people. You can also go for straight up section 8 but it will be much broader. The housing will take around 20-25% of the money you get from SSI. I really like my apartment and live by a grocery store. The neighbors mostly keep to themselves. I think that is normal with discounted housing where the gov pays a portion.


I live off a pension, SSDI, and rental property income. I am quite comfortable. I give some money to my Church and to a few of my favorite charities. I also volunteer my time to a charitable organization every week. I live alone with my adorable, 16 year old, orange tabby cat, Simba. And, I’ve lived alone with him for many years now. And I love living alone. I never get lonely. I’m too busy and grounded in G-d for that.


I have to work or I would be homeless, nothing fancy, and yeah it is hard to be alone 99% of the time. Been that way for so long, think I would have problems with someone around all the time


Same for me.

I don’t mind living alone; I’m used to it.


I couldn’t live on my own completely.
I would have to have at least someone else in the house with me.

I’m just too paranoid to live by myself.

I get ssdi , sect 8 housing, and food stamps. It’s a very lonely boring life.

I get disability I lived in a group home twice. Hated it. I lived on my own for years. I hate having roommates

I lived on my own for 2 years from age 24-26, the house they offered me was an hour and a half drive from where I grew up and my family. It didn’t work out, I didn’t know anyone in the town and missed all my old friends / family, I am back at mums now but I would like to one day have another house of my own but this time closer to home/work.

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i work and iam also taking 610 euros every 2 months from the govenment.

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I live with my parents, but they have been out of the country for the last 2 weeks and I have been giving thought to how I would like living alone.

I don’t think I’d like living with roommates, or a live In Girlfriend. I enjoy the company my cat offers as she is easy to care for. I will end up living alone in a couple years probably once my parents sell their house. I imagine myself in a condo or small home where it is cheaper to live

I have SSI. I have $200 a month to spend on expenses after rent. It helps that I have taken up the life of a minimalist and Essentials to live to make a living I guess you would call it. I am going to get my computer fixed in a few days so I’m planning on working and making more money. Loneliness is confusing to me right now. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know if I even get lonely or not anymore.

all i worry about now is doing chores and shopping

U can live in a tent there r large and small like homes u could buy cheep on line rent peace of land from a church cheep and set it up tow sz people could live so on government handouts loving each other on kids!

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