How do you like Latuda?

Is it any good, how are the side effects?

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As with every medicine, side effects and positive effects vary greatly from person to person.

I took it for a while.
Good things:

  • made me more lively and animated
  • lessened voices and symptoms
  • didn’t numb my emotions

Bad things/side effects:

  • It had to be taken with at least 350kcal of food
  • I had to take it before bed as it made me drowsy
  • If I didn’t fall asleep within half an hour I would throw up everything I’d eaten
  • allergic rash
  • tardive dyskinesia
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I was okay on it. But you have to eat a specific number of calories when you take it to be absorbed fully into your system and it was really annoying because I was trying to lose weight. I was glad to get off it. It just didn’t work for me.

Latuda was awesome.

Was on it for a couple years.

Only reason I quit was cuz I was tired of taking it every night.

I was on it for 18 months

It worked great, that was until I developed such bad restlessness that every dose felt like I was poisoning myself.

Was really bad. Luckily i switched off it onto something else

It did however work well for an extended period.

For some reason my body just could not tolerate after a while. Got no explanation as to why though

I’m currently taking it, 37 mg in the morning and 111 mg in the evening. I’ve been on it for several months (though at smaller doses first), and it has no noticeable effects. At first, I felt something in my stomach, but that went away.


I have taken latuda for around five years or so.

Been on different doses.

I’m happy with latuda.

I had unbearable jaw clenching in the beginning but it went away.

I thought I was the only one with the jaw clenching! I take 74 mg latuda daily and my left jaw is always tense. I am also extremely hungry before meals and have brain fog most of the afternoon /evening. Glad to hear the jaw tightness goes away. It’s been about a year now with it so hope it gets better.

I meant 74 mg in the evening.

Is there a way to edit your posts?


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