How do you know if you are manic or not?

How do you know if you are manic or not?

I’m out of control today. I haven’t left the house, just feel like I’m crawling up the walls.

My friend does like 8 million things at once when she’s manic like cleans her whole room and does a bunch of crap. She spams all over every form of social media and becomes hypersexual and loses her filters.

Are you on an antipsychotic? Akesthesia is a common side effect that can give you that feeling, I got it often when I was on them.

If it’s a one-time feeling, then maybe it’s not mania.

if you’re a dude, strong urge is most likely natural. if you’re not, maybe talk with doctor.

I think Sooner88 has mania that makes him hypersexual at times.

I just started Abilify. Definitely hypersexual although it also that time of the month… Can’t seem to stop the urges/compulsions to do things.

Abilify gave me that feeling constantly. Crawling in skin, can’t focus on anything, very restless.