How do you guys go about social anxiety?

Have u stopped studying or making friends because of it??

How does we get over it?


Humor. I always rely on my dark humor to get me out of anxiety. Like when we were all stressed at work and it was the day of the election i said “i just wanna go home and drink my problems away.” Then from that line i got invited to the movies. Dark humor has a very fine line though. Its very easy to go from dark humor to full blown emo. Its a hard balance. But in general i try to make people laugh when i talk to them. Makes me feel safer

Have u tried anti_anxiety med…???

I stay in my house all day. That’s what I do.
It helps I guess. I’m not social at all.

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I take xanaz and it helps. I get really anxious when I am out in public.

Same here. I’m just always by myself and stay home, only leaving for basic needs like food and stuff like that. I’ve been thinking lately that we do live in a social media world so things like facebook could be a way to connect with people without seeing them face-to-face.


Cbt I guess, getting out and trying to make friends with people, people watching in shopping centres, meetups, college,

I found it easier after I changed med as well

I only hang out with a few people that I’m comfortable with.
I can get very social with a help of booze or drugs which I did for a long time.
Now that I’m not doing it, I get nervous and paranoid around new people or just the ones that i find somehow unpleasant…I think that they have hidden thoughts about me and so on…
So…I rely on a few old friends and a few online ones.

My ninja skills, smoke bombs work well
Meds and cbt have helped a lot my social context limited family a few friends that’s seems to be the balance for me, not tons but not zero. There is no right balance

Basically I don’t. I am very avoidant. I was always introverted and shy but it tipped over into SA as a result of bullying when I went to my British public school . That bullying occurring because I was physically and socially awkward. The result was paranoia and quite severe SA.

I have had little therapy and no medication for it specifically . The therapy I did have consisted of being constantly pulled up on my body language etc, and generally being put down. She then dumped me because I inadvertently upset her religious sensibilities. She had told me a few weeks before that she was a member of a small religious sect.

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I’ve definitely spent less time with friends but the empathetic ones definitely understand why and don’t begrudge me because they know Sz isn’t a choice.

I think the important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable. If you suddenly don’t feel well explain to your friends or acquaintances you need to go outside for some fresh air or home because you aren’t feeling well. Appreciate the good social situations you experience but don’t force yourself to enjoy every social situation. My anxiety goes through the roof when I try to be normal to please everyone. I personally carry headphones and listen to a song to help me calm down after a stressful social interaction. Everyone has their own thing and I’m sure you will find something as well! All of this however is easier said than done, anxiety can definitely be paralyzing but I hope you find comfort in knowing you’re not alone.