Everyday is a struggle with negatives

it doesn’t get any better. the positives subside, but the negatives are still there. I have to fight through everyday and try to prevent myself from vegging out on the couch with better habits. fml. I was hoping once I got into a routine, things would start to come naturally, but that hasn’t happened.


I’ve said this a million times on this board, so this will be 1,000,001…

But exercise kills neg symptoms: for me anyway.

My negs returned a couple weeks ago after going on leave for three and a half years.

I upped my meds and am feeling better and working out daily again.



In my case, negatives disappeared for a long time. Now I only have positives, disorganized thought, delusions, voices.
Negatives come and go. They are not permanent

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I am also having bad negative symptoms. I’m going to try to volunteer at the local food bank, hopefully that will help.

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i also have negative symptoms. i think i will try to work harder and longer hours at my jobs.

also i like the exercise idea. mikev thanks. i am a believer!!

exercise works!!

hugs, judy

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For negative symptoms try DMG or TMG supplement: Its an instant motivator and effects last up to 48 hrs.


I have sza, and I’m finding that, when I’m depressed, I cant do much but cry. I’m doing okay today, no worries. When I told a friend with sz this, he acted like I didn’t know what I was talking about.

For those with sza, does this happen to you? Thanks so much!


Some days all I can do is lay in bed and cry

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I don’t seem to cry anymore.

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