How do you get your news (local,world?)

Through the internet, social media?

Any details?

Cable news 1515

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I don’t watch news. I get my news when I pass the TV while my mom is watching it…or at the store from radio…or in a line at the supermarket when I look at the magazine covers bored while waiting.

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News pretty much through Facebook. Ì don’t do a lot of news because sometimes I get triggered by it.

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What kind of news do you typically get through facebook?

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I follow certain news pages. Local news but they also post about international news.

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Thank you 152524

I listen to NPR every morning

I’m too paranoid watch it on t.v.

I get my news from an online newspaper i trust that is independent and free of charge (although you can make voluntary donations to it). I don’t watch news on the tv - it is often biased and sensational. There are also some Youtube channels that i watch to get more worldly news, such as what is happening with American politics, which is oh so very interesting right now with Trump as president.

I get my news through tv or some websites that I check almost daily.

I usually get my news through the internet. However, i’ve been avoiding it a lot lately as i get worked up over what i read.

I have a lot of internet rss feeds (about 30). I think @firemonkey has hundreds of rss feeds though !

I watch the local tv station

Don’t watch or read the news. Sometimes see it on my Facebook feed or on here. Triggering.

I mostly ignore all news. What little news I get, I get mostly through the internet.

I can also be triggered by it so I mainly only read head lines on yahoo but not daily.

I also read expressen online.

When I tried watching the news this young news reader was attacking me and hating on me and I thought that was unprofessional.
Hating on me was surely not in her job description.
She used to read news with a young male.

We do not watch live tv.

Only recorded stuff films and series.

I can not process so much information I think so headlines is enough and not daily.


Maybe I should read them daily but not sure I can.


There’s no need to watch every day. Do what you feel comfortable with. Ì never seek out news. I just happen to see it.
I’m watching football and I had a weird thing happen with an announcer suddenly having a really high pitched voice. It kind of freaked me out but it didn’t last long.

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