How do you get joy into your life

i keep trying and i am hardly depressed but still empty of joy



Nicotine, caffeine and THC.

Soon it’ll just be caffeine.


I get joy from my just reasoning. I have a way that I like about reasoning about everything. Sometimes I really enjoyed my reasoning.


I get joy from having a balance of work, family, friends and time alone with my husband.


Get out and do the things.


I have discovered that appreciating the simple and small things in life and learning how to be satisfied with that stuff is the best way to live


If I have things to look forward to, the anticipation and carrying them out brings joy. Could be work, a baseball game, reading.

Anhedonia is common among sz. Maybe try a new hobbie or go eat at a new restaurant. Variety is the spice of life.

I do things that make me joyful and happy.

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Alcohol,ThC,Nikotin are the joys in my life. When i don’t do that its cigarettes and coffee.

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Long term goals, I guess…career, job, education…it’s good to think about and be positive and patient…even if it’s unrealistic. I cannot or do not just want to exist.

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Helping others and balance

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thank you friends for all these good ideas.

saturday i think i’ll get lost in a good novel.


Looking after my dog, working helps too, smoking, film & music and YouTube

Things have started building well recently

Want to introduce reading and maybe study

Feels like for the first time in years that my life is not being built on quicksand


Recently I have been enjoying movies on Showtime. I bought this Irish songbook for guitar that’s cool. I like to draw and put my pictures on Facebook. I need someone to give my gifts to. I hope they bathe, lol. I hate it when people smell.

We’re all going to die. Have fun and have a nice day.

that actually helps me to remember that haha

by doing the correct thing every time

Caffeine, family ties, music and friends

I rode my eScooter around town at lunch and took pictures. It was joyful.