What still makes you happy?

For me it would be food and sometimes friends.

It’s hard to find happiness after being pumped full of so many dopamine blocking drugs. Are you ever happy anymore?


Coffe and music makes me happy. Fortunately i take little dose of medicine and I fell quite normal. Also prayer is very important in my life and allows me to feel comfortable.

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Anything that can hold my attention makes me happy … reading and music mostly.


Active meditation that gives me happiness and hope…!!!


When i get to see my son. My little man lights me up and i cant seem to wipe the smile off my face when im with him. 1 of the big reasons why i havent given up yet. The other would be my lovely lady.


My e cigarette!!

I used to get feeling pretty good from moderate exercise. Those endorphins are great. I haven’t been doing that much lately, though. My knee is stiff, and exercise will just make it worse.

Looking for word to the future

yea I threw my back out recently:… i feel, you

E-cigarette and pizza. But I can’t have pizza as I’m on a diet.

Cake and kittens


Speaking of kittens

Two more days!

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Actually it’s tomorrow!!! :heart_eyes_cat: I’ll post a pic when she’s settled


Sitting next to the fire place, going for a drive in the coutry, going fishing, having a nice meal…are all things that makes me happy.

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When I do something that has good results-results I intended. I start laughing. That’s when I know I am happy.

Learning and I am quite addicted to nicotine

Typical day is workout then study while vaping. It’s not bad. That oral fixation. That and nicotine lozenges- I do those when I have to leave home and can’t vape for hours

My gf… kids…youtube …games… kung fu…music…movies…the moon…potatoes…


Seeing my sister. Seeing the look of love in someone’s eyes. Having enough money. Knowing there is a God.

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this would make me more than happy…

My seven month old kitten Tiggy makes me happy!