How do you feel when you wake up on a morning?

I have to say I don’t feel to good, bit of a bad mood and very negative. Been up a while now and starting to feel better.

Mornings are gruesome. :boar:

I’m more like a zombie when I first wake up, except instead of brains I am after coffee and a cigarette.

Zombie like for about an hour and anxious.

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9/10 times i dream totally weird dreams and wake up with the feeling “what the ■■■■ is wrong with me”.


For me it’s fog, bathroom and then coffee. Hour later starting to feel like myself.

I feel anxious and nervy - I usually have nightmares before I wake up which I find upsetting - takes me over an hour to get ready for the day

Kate xxx

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depressed and dead

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Anxious. Always wonder what the day holds in my psyche. It’s pretty routine in my physical life, but I never know what I’ll see, hear, feel and/or how I’ll feel/react that day.

Mornings are brutal. By noon time I forget all about the morning and that’s when I shine

Like i want to go back to bed and never get up again. I need to get myself up with the promise of coffee…

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Like three midgets got together and sneaked into my bedroom and took turns kicking me in the head all night while I was sleeping.


I keep a dream journal because it’s so real, when I wake sometimes I am still in the dream, I hate mornings tho, am most creative at night

I feel like I am being resurrected from death.

Mornings aren’t too bad for me. I’m a morning person. Once I get my caffeine I’m ready to go.

I feel like I was born too soon.

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I love mornings, but what I love is snuggling into my bed with my kitten resting her paws against my feet. It’s my favorite sensation in the world. Getting up is another story.

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I feel groggy and like a zombie.

I feel like going back to sleep

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Sometimes energized sometimes ughh