How do you feel about relatives worrying about you?

If you’re parents, partner, friend or individual
worry about you, how do you respond?
And how do you feel when people worry about you?

Strangely enough I get angry when people worry about me.

I like to keep things to myself.

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I don’t have any relatives who worry about me. I have relatives though.

If people worry about you it shows they care .


My brother berates me about not eating right. He says I don’t eat enough vegetables. I just mumble that I think I am doing okay drinking my two glasses of juice a day.

It depends what they are worrying about and how they go about with it.
And also who it is that is doing the worrying.
When it’s my mum I get stressed so I tend not to tell her about all sorts of things. I feel like she expects so much from me and I don’t like that pressure and potential disappointment feeling from her so I’m careful with what I say to her.

I don’t want them to worry about me, they don’t know I have SZ yet. I don’t want them to know, I want to hopefully cure it / put it in remission before I start to socialize with them more.

My mum worries a lot, so much so I have told her we’re not to talk about Dx stuff anymore.

I sometimes get irritated as when she worries and I say don’t she blames my illness and it makes me feel like I don’t have much credibility as a person to voice an opinion if she disagrees with it.

Just because i am paranoid doesn’t mean I have nothing to worry about. Should you tell your worries a psychproffesional?

I think they can not help me and them worrying is complety unnecessary.

So we keep quiet about our worries. When you cry you cry alone.Maybe that is part of growing up.

Reassurance I’m ok when I’m not. Then I mutually worry on their behalf. Later I talk to my therapist about my problems.

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No one worries about me except my beautiful 34 year old niece who lives several states away from me in Indiana. She calls me almost every week. No one else in my family cares. Of course almost everyone is dead: my grandparents, my mother and father, my son, and my brother.

i’m ok with it but when someone worries about me more than they worry about themselves, then that’s an issue.

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I think it’s sad that I precipitate worry so frequently. I think it is warranted most of the time. Sometimes I’m fine and I say I am fine but I still have to alter what I’m doing to alleviate my families worries. Things like not being able to be by myself and not getting access to a vehicle. Then I get upset. But I tell myself that they are only trying their best to protect me and they have no way of knowing for sure how I am so they have to use their best judgement in the safety they provide for me. I spend a lot of time talking myself out of feeling guilty for worrying my friends and family. I tell myself the worry is part of the package and I’m worth it for all else that I bring to the table.

Both my father and brother want me to socialize a bit more.
Like my psychiatrist said, my brother cares about me but he is consumed with his busy life.
He is not so compassionate.

My family caters to my needs but they are not so understanding and compassionate.

Oh well.

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My problem is when my relatives talk to everyone else but me, then I find out later.
They call when they need something, which is fine.

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I have been full blown psychotic around my parents and they seemed to get angry with me which is the last thing I needed.

My dad forsed me to swim with dolphins when I was psychotic and I suffered because I was psychotic and had delusions etc
I did not feels positive emotion I normally would have and the swim just made me worse.

I remember my mum being furious at me when I was psychotic believing strange things,
I was suffering so much.

I did not feel I got empathy and understanding from them but they wanted me to snap out of it and thought that I could.

I had paranoia about everyone for years.
Years of avoiding my own family and years of not having contact
Years with out laughter

I think I am better now and have family as friends on Facebook and like to see pictures of them and what they are up to.

I do not know if anyone worries about me as such but I have moments where I feel I need 24/7 help assistance etc

I feel my family love me and wish me well but that’s only recently.

I was close to my grandma and my dad said it was my fault she got sick because I had paranoia about my closest ones too including her …

My dad might or may not mean what he said but maybe it’s true.

I recently believe my father may love me and we are so much alike and I love him and I had delusions about him too.

He is married now and they look great together.
Standing next to each other they look like a stunning match inside and out.
They laugh together.

I had years of no laughter but now I laugh again.
Not daily
Not weekly
Not monthly but I do laugh
My bf and I do not have same humour so I laugh by myself and I’m cool :sunglasses: with that.

I only cried having sex with one who is x of mine but it was intimacy and our hearts clicked and I cried on his face and I want to believe our baby survived.

I am sorry.

Sometimes My parents do nice things to help me.

I love my parents and family .

I like to believe I have friends in spirit.

I hope they do not worry in a sick way that makes them unwell .

I worried about my mum being a vegan in cold weather.

Apparently there is a type o blood that needs meat she may not have this but my dad said he does

I worry about the two woman that raised me my mum and stepmom as such (my dad n her broke up but she always was there for me and gave me place to live etc)and my dad …

I want them to be happy and they are unwell sometimes.

I want to enriches them with my existence.

Sometimes I hear my father laughing even though he is in another state.

Like his spirit is near n in laughter

There is another man who always laughs when I cry but I love him and there’s a Guys I have same humour as maybe and really gorgeous stunning ones but of course I have my man but we are platonic mainly.

Maybe I will not have intimacy sexually

Is that not free emotion…

It can be freed so we connect maybe

A hug can do wonders though

The dogs let me cuddle them

My neigh too

I get upset, if people hadn’t worried about me I wouldn’t b on these meds. But I pretend I don’t

Mine don’t act worried. It’s like the entire family is in denial or something. Weirdly it makes me feel more normal sometimes, I’m not sure if I’d change it or not. Some genuine affection for someone who is sick would be nice, I guess. My cat was good for that.