I worry a lot

i’m aways worried about something that for sure is irrelevant.How will someone react for something I say or do,trying not to insult somebody,money,etc.I realize that I’m wrong when I tell it to normal people.


It’s a difficult cycle to break , is continous and can make the head hurt. Almost like the thoughts are ruminating I can’t get them out.


They must make a pill against worring.

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Do you feel it may be anxiety ?

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Somewhere between anxiety and paranoia.

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I feel like I insult people too, mostly with my eyes. Then I foolishly try to get in front of it, by using words which makes it worse. I could write to people all day but building relationships takes face to face interaction. The “insults” thing makes me socially inappropriate, ultimately. People often say to me: “Why are you telling me this?” Which is a sinking feeling.

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I get a feeling from time to time where I say something then go back and think how they must think of me. They must hate me etc. However , a lot happened in my childhood that effected my self esteem. So that’s why my pdoc didn’t see it as paranoia of psychosis kind. Do you relate ?

Yes,totally.Now that you brought it to level of childhood.

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OCD maybe.Maybe we call to conversation someone to explain this thing,if he/she is watching thread.Anyway,if in your childhood was humiliation,and yelling everything is in your upbringing.I had to explain everything I did.

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I agree with zoa. I believe it’s a learned behavior or the upbringing.

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