How do you feel about our pdocs' attitude

I am wondering where it comes from. my therapist is really nice to me, but so far, I never had a pdoc that I didn’t have to complain about. I think it is the attitude. is this stigma and prejudice on their part?

am I expected to be a soldier and obey all their ideas?

I take my meds regularly.


I like my pdoc. It sucks that everything has to go on the computer now and we have lost a lot of eye contact. He listens to me and supports me. I am very compliant on medication. The only one I rebelled against was depakote I gained 60 pounds on that one!

I don 't trust my pdocs. They have prejudice against us as they usually avoid normal conversation with us. They would just let me blahblahblah on my symptoms and then gave me prescriptions without a comment on my condition. They never explained to me how much side effects I have to go through and what kind of food I should avoid to take. They just don’t talk to me. I hate them! Then I had to read those medical articles by myself and educate myself about how to be a smart patient.

All have been the Atom bomb!

I like my doctor but he has unrealistic expectations for me I wonder. I mean yes I can be well, but I am never going to be a doctor or lawyer or anything, good grief. My therapist is a nice 65 year old lady who is mostly supportive and kind.

I had awful pdocs under adolescent services when I came to adult services I’ve had two, both of whom I respect, particularly my current doctor, she works well with my nurse and was the one who decided to go against the NICE guidelines and put me on chlorpromazine, I respect her greatly for that, she put her neck on the line for me and thank god it worked! So I have no complaints for my current one, or my last one but I can complain greatly about my ones when I was younger and also the early intervention doctor who saw me under adult services! But I like my current one very much and respect her, she approaches me well too, the way she words things etc as I can take something the wrong way quite quickly and I don’t like judgement, but she expresses no judgement and listens to me. Which is why it works.


I liked my psychiatrist until she stopped listening and considered herself an authority on everything. I know they go to school for this, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have valid insight as well.

Ive been with my psychiatrist for 5 years now. And I’m very happy with him and his disposition. He listens very well, explains things thoroughly, treats me with respect, and has reasonable expectations for me.

He’s told me that, because I am treatment resistant, there are going to be periods where I’m going to do well, and then periods where I relapse. I feel this is consistent with my history of sz. So neither he nor I expect that I’m just going to be magically well one day and resume a “normal” life.

That doesn’t mean that we both don’t have goals for me. It just means those goals are small steps toward functioning better. Not giant leaps toward recovery.

I’m so glad that he and I are on the same page about my diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. It gives me a clear view of the future.