How do you express your thoughts?

how do you express your thoughts?

I write songs on my little 6 string guitar.


My actions probably speak louder than my words, the words that I can just make up to disguise my true feelings as I think all humans do to a certain extent as a means of defending our true selves especially when encountering strangers.

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ive changed my thoughts which has me in bliss

I talk to myself

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I wait until my thoughts are reasoned enough and then I can’t shut up.

Note: Obviously I feel that reasoned thoughts is the benchmark and once I get there I never want to go below that threshold.

I had been getting used to express my thought recently,I made some effort to improve my speech and being more active in life,although I still had trouble sometimes though

It depends on the nature of the thoughts. Sometimes my thoughts come out in all kinds of willy nilly ways. I hate it.

I write a lot of letters

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Im currently on this thing where I think that my psychotic thoughts are herd by my coworkers so im taking a few days off.

I figure ill give them a break from my bull.

I write my thoughts down a lot. Also I’m lucky in that I live with my family who understand what I’m on about and I don’t have to explain too much.

Depends on which Voice you ask.

I’m not doing well there with feeling…Was talking to self to keep away the disturbing content I hear…which got worse with two more voices after moving twice to someplace I hated. Had to buy out of two leases as neighbors were just too disruptive and mentally unstable. Landlords seem to be running through all the poor women giving them a place no one else could stand & just keep the town thug nutcases.

Now back with two miserable parents who have nothing positive to ever say anyway. I’m trying to switch to analytical work because the creativity just doesn’t flow easily this way. I’m gonna be stuck here for several years maybe, so no need to look much farther for anything else except maybe a short vacation here/there alone or go meet friends. Parents travel yelling at each other whole time. Sometimes not even sure why they were cussing each other but could be crazy element now that I know. Right?..You get the picture.

I’m staying out of most social stuff as it is trashing people here. Don’t want to end up dealing with more or servicing some guy. Only hanging with the people I already know…Work networking tried to trash some of the people, myself included, as is just part of what is up in this city and happens regularly if you met some people. Churches promised relief from voices to keep people working, then dumped poorest & had their members torture us more…

If you find this loud bullying in public and get trashed on at a professional group by a male, he will come back later to finish you off so better off finding work in another city on internet or work for a friend without any public contact. These older ones acting this way are psycho and seems to be good deal of the professionals who are moving to my area to work now, male or female really. They don’t understand the local problems and just go on an attack. You get invited back to be trashed again and again, so just avoid these. I’ve heard some of these traveling workers have looked up online workers in their new cities and trashed them from working online if you have much to say back…Just leave quietly if you get bullied somewhere. Would run with large emergency fund as this scam is getting people fired in my area and denied unemployment. You can put the attorney on it but you won’t have any $$$ for a year or more.

Personally gonna work on yoga, walking regularly and finding work outside this city. City has been trashing lots of older (40s-50s) female workers multiple times so see it as only stable work possibility to work online, but lucky to have original degree in writing area so I’m in demand.

Maybe doing better than I think. Not thinking about the problems with this city as is a relief to know some of the hustle/thugs/scams and I just avoid them. Stay to my self, do my thing and not even think about rest of them even if I get -itched at in public in a town that trashed me because I met the wrong people, would not have relationship with coworker and needed a little mental treatment for insomnia due to PTSD. This place has long history of ruining people so these new ones are welcome too it. : )

Through writing in my journal. :blush:

I pent them up and wait to have a psychotic break.