My thoughts are

Currently all my thoughts are in various movie characters or television characters voices that change randomly. And alternating between constant music pieces replaying over and over.

So annoying

Are these thoughts or are they voices?

I’ve had the odd feeling that my thoughts are being read by my voices like prose on a wall and I can’t just let the thought pass with out a commentary from the head circus.

I hate that feeling… I find then I’m trying to hide from myself hoping that something can pass through without commentary or insults.

Yeah i get that feeling as well or I just start thinking there coming back

More like a runaway train of thoughts in a weird way than voices

I’m flooded, and afraid for my life truthfully. I’ve been putting up a good front yet there’s a ■■■■■■■ lot of em. They’re strong too, stronger than I ever was. It seems so impossible, I’m being played with by them. So I’m getting interrogated and they snuck in again. Full force just slapping my whole train of thought and once again I started shaking. I’m scared and I told my gf and bestie cause we were supposed to watch the bears game together. I refuse to leave the house. No driving, no going, I feel I can’t take it.