How do you enroll in college in your country?

The question of the topic here. For example in the US. Do you have to do admission exams each year you want to try to enroll?

I did an exam for placement the first year… and that was it…

I didn’t have to take a placement exam every year.


You need the ACT and SAT or one or the other depending on the school, also your high school transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

That’s what I did at least. Also an application, those cost money. I got accepted to every school I applied to, was forced to choose the crappiest one because it offered me a full ride. My parents were like we can’t spend any money on college.

Undergrad is a waste of money if you plan on graduate school, that is, if you go to an Ivy League and graduate with a 3.5 and 170k in debt lol you’re ■■■■■■. No money for grad school! Negative money, debt instead!

I know a guy on this forum who was accepted to Cornell. He had no means of paying for it and didn’t go.

I heard about a guy in the news who was accepted to every single Ivy League and went to a state school instead (Alabama) because the other schools didn’t give him a full ride and he plans on going to medical school, which costs tons of money.


Yes. For the first year of college I meant.

But say that you completed high school some years back and had had god marks at the exams at that time in the past, does it count to the new admission or do you have to take an admission test every time you want to enroll?

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I think it depends on how far back the grades were given. If it’s just a year or few ago… admissions might let you in without a placement test.

If it’s been a long time like 5 or 10 they will make you take a placement.

The one I took was pretty easy… it was just to see where to begin.


Despite my curiosity I have no intention to apply for college here because I have no interests. Pretty awful.