Need to get my son into college and me out of it

Regarding the other son, I need to get him in to college focus on that he 'll be a senior next year, and msyelf out of it I"ll be 42 and already have two degrees after I finish these two classes. Agree? Wouldn’t that be best? Hoping he will start at the community college to save money. desimb


Good for you, getting those degrees! and yes college is the way to go unless you go to a fancy school and take out a gazillion dollars in loans to pay for a 4 year vacation. I go to the nearest college (15min drive from my house) because they gave me a full scholarship. I got partial/half scholarships to prestigious schools but I dont wanna be in debt for the rest of my life. I went to a fancy international prep school and was one of the few who didnt go out of state to the best school they got accepted to. Alot of my friends go to places like Duke, Cornell, Dartmouth, University of the Pacific, ect. but I go to the University of Memphis because my parents are middle class and im getting my bachelors for free. I will probably take on debt for grad school, I will have to see how that all goes when it’s time.

To be honest, engineering, business or computer crap is the way to get a job with a bachelors.

School is great but it can ruin your life with debt and youre seriously screwed if you drop out.