How do you deal with weight gain on Risperidone

It’s insane how much I eat.

Do you think this would condone a change in AP?
I head Abilify is better on weight side effects

i know we are not doctors, I’m only asking for personal experience

after I increased my dose my appetite decreased. now I am on 12mg risperidone and I eat less than when I was on 6mg.

Say whhaaaaaaa, that’s crazy. I would imagine the opposite effect. Apparently that happens with Seroquil and the sedative effect it has


I became nauseous. When I took risperidone. But now I have stomach protectors and now things are going better. I can eat again.

I personally find low doses of abilify really are weight neutral. That’s just me though. I take low dose abilify. Higher doses make me eat like mad

I don’t find Risperidone to be a big weight gaining drug, not like Zyprexa or Seroquel.
But I understand everyone is different.

The Depakote I take on the other hand has turned me into an eating machine!

My gf takes seroquil and she complains about eating a lot as well

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If I don’t take a b-complex with abilify I’ll eat like a horse. My appetite is normal once I take a b-complex. Maybe you could try that.

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I’m on a medium dose of Risperdal Consta and I eat breakfast everyday. I totally skip lunch. I eat a big dinner with salad, soup, roll, entrée and sides with veggie and a gooey dessert at dinner. I very rarely eat between meals or at night. I carefully count my calories on a calorie counting app on my smartphone every day. I exercise everyday too. I weigh myself every week and record.

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I am of normal weight.

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