How do you deal with the memory and concentration problems?


Hello, I was just wondering how you guys deal with the memory and concentration trouble! I find it hard to remember simple thing! I read my books but can’t concentrate or recall what I read after a few minutes! Are there drugs that can help with cognitive problems?


Sarcosine I believe helps with this. Keep on reading it’ll get easier and improve your cognition as time goes on

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I have been reading about it!i think I may give it a try, thanks.

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I write a lot of lists, at work for example, I keep everything listed so I don’t forget jobs to do etc. Outta work I just tend to keep my eyes fresh and make note of important things in the calendar on my phone

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That’s a good idea! Thanks


My phone helps a lot:

  • I listen to audio books instead of reading

  • if I need to read a long bit of text, my phone speaks the text

  • alarms to remind me to do things

  • pill reminder/tracker app to remind me I’ve taken my pills

  • calendar with reminder alarms for doctor appointments etc


Thanks for the tips!!will try it


Some people are using this game:

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Ugh this is such a problem with me, I embarrass myself constantly with it. Umm concentration I try to give myself something to do with my hands, so to pay attention during a boring lecture I play with play-doh for example. Taking a class with a (studious) friend is also very helpful for grounding me and bringing my attention to what’s going on. Really if you can get help from people around you that works great, or at least it does for me.

Memory…write everything down!! Anything I don’t write down in my calendar I forget to do or go to. Often I even forget to check my calendar so instead I set an alarm to go off when I have to do something! As for short term stuff like remembering where I parked or where I put something I actually have a voice that helps me with that o.O Yeah I don’t know. Mainly write stuff down. Oh and with medication I remember to take it by placing it somewhere that I will definitely walk by on my way out the door so I will see it and remember to take it.


I have memory problems

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That’s great advice!thanks


I hope your memory gets better


Thx darlin. I’m having trouble w that & learning languages. Before sz I could very easily pick up languages. Now it’s harder for me. But thanks


i also do the same thing w/ my meds: i keep my med tray in the kitchen on the counter where i keep my b’fast. my trick is this: i have AM and PM meds, so once i take the AM meds, i pull the strip out of its spot just enough so that i can see that i took them and that my next dose will be at bedtime. i hope that that makes some sense.


concentration problems are another monster altogether. i can’t concentrate for S–t. i do neuro feedback for concentration, but the voices in my head get so overwhelming most of the time, that not much has been working. i’m not giving up though. :smile:

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i had the same problem. what you want to do if you got time is this. read like 6 words put down the book close your eyes and try to remember as many of those 6 words as you can. it will be hard at first. than move to 10 words and so on. it will work unless you don’t try it at all or give it the time of day. hope this helps

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You might find this of interest:

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Also, here are some things that might help:



N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)


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