Cognitive problems vs. not being able to sort out stimuli

Just had a cognitive assessment and they told me that I don’t really have cognitive problems. I don’t understand why I can’t understand tv and reading anymore. I can’t seem to sort out stimuli very well. or processing information. I read that people with schizophrenia have problems doing this. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I was going to try the sarcosine because it may repair the damage that schizophrenia causes the brain.


I took Government standard test they said I had no problems in areas I know i do, The real world is different from the room they are testing you in, Not many days I can read or watch TV without drifting off, sometimes I can’t do it at all

i thought thats what cognitive symptoms meant? i guess not but i do have the latter.

Go for it, sarcosine is helping me at 2 to 3grm a day with coffee in morning, I feel less depressed and less visually overwhelmed

What helps me is L-theinine and brainwave stimulation CDs ( is, by far, the best in the industry).

Your latter bit of the title suggests thought disorder but maybe I am reading it wrong. I find that if you claim you don’t have an issue then these sort of people will insist that you do, but you insist that you have the problem then they will overwhelmingly reject it. So it’s difficult to agree with them.

I over react hugely to a lot of stimuli. It wears me out.