How do you deal with loneliness?

Lately… Well, not lately, I’ve been feeling lonely for years, but, I don’t really know how to cope with it recently. Recently it’s been getting hard and I don’t know why? It’s, it’s not normal loneliness, it’s loneliness as in, even when I’m surrounded by people, I still feel alone. It’s like my mind, just, ignores all this human contact I have, I feel out of place, everywhere I go, and, It’s getting quite, shall I say, depressing?

I hate this, it makes it harder to talk about my feelings, what I think etc. And all humans need that, all humans need another human to physically talk to about feelings and stuff, we just need it, I have contemplated suicide before, I’ve thought, maybe this is the way to go? I’ll always be lonely. It feels like a death sentence.

I have a girlfriend, and, when I’m with her, I just want her to go back home and me to be alone again, I just can’t handle it when I’m with people and I still feel that lonely pain. It’s horrible. So, how do you guys cope with this? Please, I need some advice.

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I have lived alone for many years. Surely I talk with my friends when I seen them in the town. I do not feel any loneliness, I suppose I am introverted in MBTI. I actually prefer doing things alone. When I lived over 780 days in my auto in America, I had no real friends, but then I decided that all people whom I met were my friends which made me to talk with the larger number of people.

I spend a lot of time on the internet to deal with loneliness.

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Good question…I have an ex I talk to every day but lately I’ve been trying to tear myself away from her every day conversations about daily life…I told myself I’m not strong enough to “go it alone” without hearing from her…but…that’s not how I feel now…I want my own life and the hopes of finding someone to be with me…perhaps your gf still makes you lonely because you don’t actually want to be with her? Tough call…I deal with loneliness these days by posting on forums and phone calls to family and friends…good luck…by the way, suicide is a mistake…you don’t want that…I tried twice and now all I feel is guilt for trying to take my life…and it WAS a mistake both times…it’s just not time to die until I do die by natural causes…

yeah you have ti imagine what it must have been like for people before the internet technology etc much worse i think. lonliness i have been very lonely at different times in my life painfully so the best thing that i did to get out of it was volunteer at age concern then you visit an elderly person have chats with them and get a sense of acheivment out of it.
during those times i also tried to enjoy my own companmy even if i was lonely i made friday nights movie nights and got popcorn etc little things like thyat but joining a group and even getting councelling also helped. your really not alone feeling that way. tcxxx

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Why are you complaining sir you have a girlfriend? It’s just that empty void we call our minds. That is loneliness. Its a form of depression maybe we can’t shake. I have it too. But you just got to be happy and not dwell in it.

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Being alone and loneliness is a little different. I feel lonely even when surrounded by people.

I felt the same way because I was psychotic and people didnt seem real to me and I was thinking about my delusions and not paying people attention. I have plenty of friends and stay occupied with them and I don’t feel lonely. I used to spend about the same amount of time but I was unmedicated and paranoid and they didnt seem real to me and I was dwelling on delusions. You could say that I didn’t see the reality in front of me even though I lived in it, I had a fundamentally broken perspective on social interactions. Medication has fixed my social skills, I am becoming more extroverted, which is good because I was very extroverted before my onset at 18.

I admit I make mistakes. Like I don’t even realize there is an external world. So caught up in internal delusion. All you gotta do is look in the mirror, and question yourself, is the way I am acting, do I look like the kind a person who would think this way? Man reality can deceive especially with an illness like SZA. thanks

I will try to respond to what you’ve put out.

The human being is set up such that in a healthy individual, one seeks pleasure and tries to avoid pain. Of course, some of those attempts can be very short sighted, and that’s when education and intellect can play a part in directing ourselves.

Actually, I attempted suicide when I was 25; thankfully, it was not a very serious attempt. I definitely wanted my pain to end. I’m of the opinion, however, that, for most people, suicide doesn’t end the pain. I’m of the opinion that if one’s problem is loneliness, for example, suicide just makes one that much more lonely. I would advise you Meister, to consider suicide as a way to make things worse, not better.

I have a memory of perhaps when I was 25 years old Because I felt lonely, I used the following affirmation: If We Walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, then we have Fellowship, One with Another. To tell you the truth, I think through the worst of my ordeal, some high spirit person named Mary was of comfort to me over and over as I endeared the worst of the pain. Yes, the worst of my ordeal was from ages 25 to 28. Since that time, my life has been relatively sweet, that is.

The teaching I received stated in part that when people interact with other people, it is opportunity to learn and test virtue. Talents, on the other hand, are generally obtained in seclusion. Because I was spending so much time alone, I tried to develop talents. For example, I studied astrology.

Now that my life offers relatively more opportunity to interact with others of my liking, I find it happy that I have a few talents such as knowing how to interpret a horoscope!

Do you live with your parents? Do you have any siblings? What about an extended family?


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This is how I felt when I was in the deepest part of my negative symptoms. When I was barely functioning and just sitting in my head not interacting. I would say talk to your doc about this for real. anti-depressants and mood stabilizers helped me a lot when I got to this point. It was dark, emotionally cold and I could feel myself loosing the people around me. I didn’t want them to go, but at the same time, I didn’t want them near me.

When I was 23, I nearly successfully carried out my final exit but my 12 year old kid sis found me and called 911 and did CPR and all that. I’m here. I’ve made to 29. If your feeling this low, please talk to the doc. It could be something that a med adjustment could help.

Standing on that metaphorical ledge is the worst feeling I’ve ever had to face. Please talk to your doc.