How do you deal with depressive spells?

Hey all. I’m feeling decent enough right now but I can never feel quite at ease knowing depression can strike at any moment. How do you deal with your depressive episodes if you get them?

Currently I’m on two antidepressants in addition to Geodon, all of which seem to help keep my mood stable. Beyond meds, I know exercise and a healthy diet can sometimes help when one feels down. Socializing can be beneficial, too, though that’s a bit tricky in this age of covid-19. Anything else?

Edit: Forgot about therapy. Luckily I’m back in therapy for the time being.


My depressive symptoms have reduced massively since I joined a gym and started swimming 4 times a week.

The worst thing for me personally is not having a purpose.

I struggle when I am not busy.

My mind has to be occupied sufficiently, otherwise I spiral

Sometimes just doing nothing on a weekend can really drive me into the ground by Monday

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do you take ap cause i think that’s whats making me depressed

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@FadeToBlack Oh yes, a sense of purpose can work wonders for me as well. I’m gearing up to work again after having been unemployed for a year; unemployment was really bringing me down.

@oulabi I’m on an AP: Geodon. I recently switched to it from risperidone and I’m so glad I did so because risperidone made me depressed. I’m sorry your AP might be doing that to you. Can you talk to your doctor and see what they recommend?

I’m currently in a pretty bad depressive episode, and I find the most important thing is to remind myself I can make it through this and my situation can improve.

It’s good to turn to friends for support and reassurance.

Another thing is try to focus on the good things! Lately every night when I go to bed I try to at least think of something I found good or nice. A lot of times I even write it down in the moment cause depression makes it so easy to forget the good.

I know it’s not much but it helps me a bit

I hope the depression stays away you deserve to be happy!!

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Sorry to hear about your current struggles. You deserve to be happy, too, and I hope you can break free from your depression ASAP.

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im thinking of stopping my ap

I’d consult with your doctor and see what they say. I’ve tried tapering off an AP altogether and even though I did so with my doctor’s permission, I still experienced mood swings that could have launched me into a psychotic episode so I had to resume taking my original dose right away. I hope you can find a doctor-approved solution that helps you feel better. You have my best wishes.

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Depressive Spells.

A Sorcerer. A Witch. A Wizard. An Enchantress. A Necromancer. A Shaman.

The Parallel Silent Whisper For Those Tempting The Strange Code of Body Language.

No Wand Needed.

The Invisible Mirrors, Tracing The Daylight Jus Out of Reach.

When to Learn?. When to Teach?.

When to Sit And Listen?.

When to Speak?.

N e Hoo.

Jus Kidding!.

Depressive Spells. I Always Find That Endless Fountains of Music Lift My Spirits. (And I’m Not Talking About Tequila).

I Don’t Lift With Sedatives Anymore.

Is Alcohol a Sedative?. I Dunno Actually.

Those Sad Moments, of Self Reflection Within Endless Storms of Unwanted Chaos?.

There is Always Light at The End of The Tunnel. Be Patient With Your Inner/Outer Being.

And Trace The Footsteps of Nature.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam Dream (sleepoptimistic)
:owl: :alien: :owl:

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I like to make my area a paradise and get it all organized and filled with stuff I love so it’s like my own little personal heaven.

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Not been depressed for a while. In fact they stopped my 200mg sertraline quite some time back.

I used to just stay in my flat - and listen to music and goto bed on the sofa. Its something i always get over with in time, and i remember it like the voices - they only come in waves - so sooner or later you know it will pass.

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After I Read Thus, My Coordinate Subconscious Brain Surgeon, Breathing inside of My Skull, Began to Release Numerous Chemicals to The Entire Shadow of My Being.

Saying, Something, Along The Lines of…, ‘Hey That’s a Song’!.

Then I Was on a Quick Mission to Discover What Song Those Lyrics Are Casually Resting in.

I Still Don’t Know The Name of The Song, But!, it’s Pink Floyd.

At Least I Think it is. (I Could be Wrong). Because!,

I’ve Been Wrong Before.

Silver Star For Me Though!.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam Dream (sleepoptimistic)
:owl: :alien: :owl:


Lol. Strange that - cos Pink Floyd is my favourite artist, bar choral composers lol :slight_smile:

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Yes Indeed.

Quick Story:::~ I Was Sitting in My Bedroom Floor. As a Young Kid. With a Cd Player, And ‘The Wall’, (By) Pink Floyd.

As The Guitar From The Song ‘Hey You’, Began to Play, My Spirit Perked up.

And I Listened Very Closely.

Good Choice For a Favorite.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam Dream (sleepoptimistic)
:owl: :alien: :owl:


I love Pink Floyd!

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