How do you deal with an up herself colleague?

I don’t think it’s her intention. But she can seem really up herself know it all. I asked for help but she didn’t want to even when the boss said to her to log me into the computer. I think she forgot.

I don’t want to say racist but I feel it slightly. I may be wrong.

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Don’t let your feelings show give her the benefit of the doubt
Be aware of her but assume you got it wrong
You may be right or wrong


The best thing to do is humor her, as much as you can. Having her as a co- worker makes that a little harder, though. Try to learn everything about your job so you don’t have to ask her for help. If you have to ask for help try to find someone besides her. Working with a hard ass can be a major pain.

She seems to have warmed to me after I offered her help lol


And now she invited me for a break outside but I couldn’t cos it takes 10 mins to get outside and come back.


Does being nice ever do your head in ?

I don’t know this idiom. What does it mean ?

Sort of like to confuse you. So, does being nice ever confuse you. Or make you think really hard about something with no real answer.

Lol the amount of times I think people understand what I’m talking about. Basically find it annoying.

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Yes it can, perhaps this phrase is lost on our American friends?

It feels false as well, which never sits right with me!

if you you need her help to login then this is a new job? congradulations then! if you are new there maybe you are putting pressure on your self to do better too soon? someone delaying what you want to do (for whatever reason) is fustrating you? At most jobs the “honeymoon” is not over till at least a couple of days, so mistakes are very forgivable. only 2 places i’v worked at exspected me to be trained enough to function like everyone else with in 1-3 hours of my first day.

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I don’t find it annoying. Doing head in means annoying lol

" If something or someone does your head in, they make you angry or frustrated. "

I sometimes get frustrated if someone is annoying, but that’s me personally!

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She’s new too. Me and the other girl were talking and I could sense she couldn’t join in so I said things she might like to include her. She’s responsive. It feels good.


consider she may have problems herself and is grumpy for a reason.
She’ll come around and things change.

Some people do not like to work

I’m already relaxed. She even wished me a good weekend without ignoring me. It’s working lol

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Silly question, did you let them know about your illness, or do you have the stress of playing normal?

Dear @JH85 we cannot all be as intelligent as you :joy: I’m full of “silly” questions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you Have/Haven’t outed yourself?

No. For once I have not. And they think I am “normal”. However you guys know otherwise…lol