How do you cope with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders

I have started a blog website and have been writing alot to cope. I also use music to cope, but that isolates me from talking to other people because the music has to be directly in my ears to help. I wish I could read but it’s hard with the voices.

You have both? I never heard of someone having these two diagnosis together. Are you sure its not schizoaffective disorder?

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Welcome to the forum.

I do lots of things to control my symptoms.

I take medication, go to therapy, use CBT techniques I’ve learned, and use a PRN if I have to.

It’s good to keep distracted when things are bad,

Listening to music is really helpful.

I also play video games when things are real bad,

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Welcome to the forum!

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I also take medications and see a therapist

I’m diagnosed with scizoaffective but with the voices and the chaotic noises my doctor compares it to schizophrenia

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Staying sober and staying motivated

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That definitely helps. Stay strong

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