I am not capable of working independently

do you manage to work independently ?

No, not yet. Maybe some day

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i will qoiut smoking

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Good. I can’t quit it

yes you can but you odont want

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Maybe you’re right

yes i am right qoit smoking its very ewexpensive

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Yes I have a full time job. It’s not always easy. I must accept my focus and energy are limited. I am learning to maximize the work output while avoiding burnout.


when did you sstarted programming ?

I don’t know if I could work full-time outside the home but I take care of my toddlers every day and that requires a lot!


Oh I am 35 years old. I had my first computer at 18 and I started programming at 19. But I was really bad at first. Now I am doing ok.

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so you strted programming in very young age it reqquires alot of and when you young you are moreflexible brains

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I work in a parttime job. 24 hours a week was too much, so now i will work 18 hours. Lets see how that goes. It is tough, and sometimes im all stressed out, but it also helps me with giving structure, social stuff and meaning to daily life.


Being a mom is a full time job in its own right. Then there are the moms that have full time jobs outside the home as well. That’s my mom. She takes care of us and of her dad, all while going to work to earn money to support us. That’s one of the reasons that I respect my mom so much. She juggles everything and still makes time for us. What an amazing woman my mom is…


How old are you now Spooky?

I have a colleague who studied geology, then worked as a journalist. He started learning to program at 38.

yes but he dont have mi

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I agree with @Sardonic that being a mum is a job in its own right. If my son were with me fulltime, no way that i could work. You have a job, and a valuable one too.


Indeed he doesn’t have a MI.

I can’t advise you what to do. Maybe you could work as freelance artist. You could design logo’s or even illustrate books or cartoons.

yeah i cannot improvein art

Do you still have a job now?