How do I stop thinking of the voices

Especially when I sleep as soon as I think of them they come to me but don’t say anything and take words out my mouth I just want a night where I can sleep normAl again it’s like with anything how do you stop having so much thoughts it’s like an addiction is it normal to have tons of thoughts?

I know that one of my first therapists as far a talk therapy goes gave me a sheet of paper and one them coping mechanisms recommended was air guitar solos and piano solos with a pair of headphones plus the usual avoid these Chemicals and get plenty or rest etc… I don’t know how that would if u was asleep but maybe all night playlists of positive stuff would help Like the Bible if that is what floats ur boat after giving lots of thought and study to it it begins to get extremely good

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U know,that character on street fighter 2 dhaslim he said I would meditate and then destroy you I was just reliving my youth on Super Nintendo games and that was one I was playing and I didn’t catch that when I was a kid but now,I do it takes time though to accomplish what he did in similar kind of fashion

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One thing that helps me is breathing. Breathe in for seven counts, or less if you need, hold your breath for seven counts, exhale for seven counts and repeat. As you do this focus on the counting. Only think of the numbers. It’s hard at first so don’t get frustrated if your mind wanders. Continue to do this just focusing on the counting. Another thing that helps is music. Listen to a song that you know the lyrics to and focus on the lyrics or the tune or the beat.


Wish I knew sending a hug.

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I heard someone say that u can’t just expect to not think anything that would be unrealistic

I’ve done meditation and the goal is to not think of anything…its very hard to do though…I’ve only done it a handful of times…

I use a sleep aid…and watch YouTube until I pass out…its a nice distraction…

U can harness them and make them work for u though like thinking over and over slow positive statements like things always go as well as the potential is for them to go for me when I did start thinking like refreshing was more emphasized within me

The sleep aids mostly for me didn’t help me sleep probably not high enough dosage one time I took a pill that helped me sleep so well that I saw flames in my mind surrounded by flame and I heard searing flesh trasidone

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Lol dam…ambien has the weird effect of making me dream while I’m still up…so I fought a dragon in my living room and had to go through a maze to get to the bathroom…half sleeping half awake…can’t take those…lol

Ambient made me fellow really mellow in a good kind of way and then I would try to not to sleep while on it for a new way to get feel good

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I also,saw some people born full grown from lightening that fell from the sky two people men

Maybe I ought to move the strange stuff that I’d seen to the unusual beliefs sections

Harry Potteresque stuff was within reach like I could in actually catch a ride to hog warts on the train hog warts express and learn a whole lot more than I know about

Along the lines of troublesome thought ps when u understand that u are what u think or that u will become what u think being positive in ur thought life is key I remember that one time recently I was having a time trying to get to sleep and then the word sleepy went through my mind and I found myself yawning immediately

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What sleep aid do you take?

I hate intrusive thoughts, when I have them I want to run away and hide. I hope I will be there for my friends tonight going out. Tomorrow I am going volunteering, sometimes around 12 pm I don’t feel well and I have to go home. I feel like a lot of people want me dead. I don’t know why maybe it’s a misunderstanding.

I love my ego but I hate hearing other people’s (or creatures) conversations when they are intrusive too, it overwhelms me, paralysing my own ego which I love, this is one of my constant symptoms.