How to stop hearing voices!

Hello everyone I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2013 and have been hearing voices for
several years until now. I was sent to the hospital and was there for a full year believe it or not
and was on many medications. I heard many voices up until this very day but now I found a
secret to stoping them. I found that if you do a lot of breathing through your nose the voices go
away. I’ve been thinking way less now and have realized that you don’t think when you
continually close your mouth and breathe only through your nostrils. Trust me this works. If
you are still hearing voices then you’ve given up and started breathing through your mouth. Or, your case is different than mine. Hope this works for you as it did for me!


thought i would say hi.
glad that is working for you.
take care


Glad you found a way that works for you-maybe that idea will help others!

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not working for me, but thanks for the tactic.


hello…it is nice to meet you…thank you for the suggestion

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If you stop talking or thinking {to be quite],you will hearing the voices during the inhalation or exhalation process,because when you listen to the inner voices you do not listen your your own thoughts ,BUT but you listen to the voices of {others} vocalize your implicit thoughts if existed in your mind
-in the case if you stop thinking 100% in any subject,the voices source do not stop about
producing the random vocal sentences wherever you hearing its content

your statement based on, the schizophrenic has listens to his own thoughts,so you supposed that if the person stop thinking,he does not hears his own thoughts !!
and that is incorrect 100 %

thanks for the insight and i have rethought my approach on this one. It is interesting you say schizophrenics hear voices on the inhale exhale, now that i think about it that’s exactly when i hear mine. It is so annoying when they argue with you on the inhale breath because you can never win the argument and the voice always sounds like its better than the listener. so annoying but yeah thanks for the insight too :smile:

At first,thank you because you have try to find a way to overcoming the vocal audible thoughts " the things that so-called auditory hallucinations in the medical references"’

It is easy to win your fighting to find the suitable ways,but you need to know everything about :smile: the basic nature of the audible voice ( the type of vocal wave),
broadcasting source,
middle of voice diffusion,
the speed of voice within the middle,
the time of hearing stage
the hypothetical distance between the speaker and the listener
,the time of auditory perception,
the personal mental response of the listener

In other words,there are a bilateral discussion between 3 persons as following:
-the human listener “schizophrenic person”,

  • two hidden imaginary persons "the voices sources

Then,it must be ,there is a vocal message,a sender,a receiver and a lingual content for exchanged messages
Hence,what is the processes that be occur during sending and receiving the exchanged messages ?
= You should know The broadcasting mechanism,and the mechanism of receiving for just one vocal sentence and one hearing process
=After that,you can look to the effect of all types of internal /external stimulus over the broadcasting and hearing mechanisms
-We meant,all types of sensual inputs which has coming from the actual external environment"visual influentials,the physical natural audible sounds,tangible things,
and kinetics",while the internal stimulus is like the body state,feelings…etc

You should study the impacts of interference cases between the external environmental stimulus of the daily life events and the broadcasting /hearing mechanisms

That is to say,to find a suitable way to mute /stop the effectiveness of the audible vocal thoughts over the personal perception of the schizophrenic ,you should know many facts about the hidden speakers,communication mechanism,the nature of the audible voices,the speed of voices,the time of hearing,the impact of the audible message on the personal perception ,the possible options for the schizophrenic during the time of personal response,the effect of internal /external stimulus on all above processes

How can using the environmental stimulus to mute /stop or git rid from the audible vocal thoughts "auditory hallucinations " ?