What’s Wrong With My Brain

So, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my thoughts for the past 3-4 years. Ever since a very bad breakup. I am on medication which works at times but not always. I suffer from delusions, paranoia, anxiety, depression, insomnia… At one point it felt like someone turned up the volume in my head :confused:
I have a nurse practitioner who says “it might be schizoaffective disorder, but she has never formally diagnosed me. I know it’s tricky to be diagnosed, but I just wanted to know for myself if I have it or not but didn’t know how to know definitively. Or, what exactly is wrong with me.
Any thoughts?


I would see a psychiatrist they are the only ones who can diagnose you officially.

best of wishes


Meds are important. For serious symptoms they really can make a difference. I too would recommend seeing a psychiatrist if possible. Labels really do change for most of us who use this site. It really is about function…if all these symptoms are affecting function then it’s an issue that needs addressing. If it’s affecting your living then diagnosis is more important simply for treatment.


When it first started several years ago I became psychotic and delusional and was hospitalized. They put me on an antipsychotic medication and antidepressant, but sometimes people tell me I’m being crazy and not making sense. And when I’m not on my medications I cannot function at all.

I just hate not knowing for one, and then I wonder if I could be doing something differently. I’ve been told it’s anything from psychotic depression to bipolar to schizoaffective disorder. I just want to know. My mom developed severe schizophrenia and it makes me nervous. I do alright on my medications, but sometimes I feel better and don’t think I need them anymore but when this happens I spiral out of control and get psychotic.

If you had taken antipsychotics surely someone had diagnosed you ie a psychiatrist?


An APRN said it would help my mood, but she’s the same one who is very vague with any kind of diagnosis.

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But what about a psychiatrist? Did you never have a psychiatrist?

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When I was admitted to acute psych I think a psychiatrist saw me, but only once over a week I was there. I don’t remember her name and she has never followed me since. I think she diagnosed me with depression with psychotic features. But, I was on antipsychotics before that point from the APRN. They just added an antidepressant at the hospital.

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