How do I know the most suitable profession for me?

I don’t even know what’s my dream job anymore :confused:

I thought its writing, copywriting or book writing. But these were my psychosis desires.

How do I know where am I good at and what I truly want to work?


The first suggestion is a question to help you figure things out for yourself :

1.) What do you really enjoy doing ?
Example answer: I like helping people around me solve problems …
Example answer : Try a job or look a job requirement for Mental Health workers.


You could see a careers advisor


Good advices, @DragonStorm

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My opinion is what are what industries interest you and find a starting position there no matter the position.

Also one of my favorite jobs was being an administrative assistant, when i first started out. I was basically a secretary, answering calls, making appointments, booking travel for my boss at a bank. I learned a lot about the banking industry. I learned to type really fast there.


Dreamjobs are something most people won’t get. But the next best thing is a job you like and where you thrive.

You could try different jobs you think you might like. Or if you get with a workprogramme they usually have tests to measure your personality and skills to see what jobs might suit you best.


Trial and error I guess. Gandhi said “if you wish to find yourself, lose yourself in service to others”.

Just start helping people however you can and you’ll find your calling on that path guaranteed


I don’t even know what’s my dream job anymore

Me neither. I spent my whole childhood thinking I’d be one thing—some kind of artist. Everyone praised me for the skill constantly so I never questioned if I really wanted to do it.

Flash forward to early adulthood, and I worked a year in my chosen industry (as a graphics assistant) for a year before going to college. I hated it. I was the youngest there and had no friends (this was my fault, but I had no idea how to fix it…I had problems in school for years, and nobody helped me improve).

Still, the job was so prestigious for someone like me, I didn’t want to disappoint my family by quitting. After the job, I went ahead and did a college course in graphic design, and got the degree, because I was too afraid to say what I truly thought. Also, I had become such a perfectionist, that I thought everything I made was crap.

In the work force, the money helped me feel better. And I liked the work, for the most part. I didn’t love it though. These things weren’t the main problem. The job availability was so all over the place. A month here, two months there, six months over there, a year there, two weeks over there. I wasn’t bilingual and that was very important, so I lost opportunities over that. I couldn’t get a stable job, or move out on my own. This went on for over 10 years. My self esteem was completely demolished and the SZ was becoming unbearable. I think if I had found something permanent, I wouldn’t be half as sick.

I’ve taken vocational tests, but my social skills are so bad, they hardly could recommend anything. So I’ve done a lot of self-help book reading.

I can relate to the desire to write novels and edit. That’s my only other strength, but I worry that it will be overtaken by AI, the way Midjourney is creating art with just a few words. I worry that soon people won’t need any humans for editing, and AI will make authorless books, maybe in less than 10 years from now. I don’t want to self publish either, because I’d need to be very big on social media. If nobody knows me online, then my book is just going to be buried on amazon. And getting published traditionally is very hard, for many reasons.

TL; DR? Sorry for the wall o text.

One thing I’ve learned, is, that often, it’s our attitude that we bring into the job, and not the job itself, that will make the difference in our lives. I’ve met janitors that are friendly and cheerful. I’ve run into rich professionals (at places like Toastmasters Public Speaking) who are miserable negative whiners. So, for myself, I’ve worked hard being more positive…Working on the social part next.

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Try this out once may be you find what you are looking for !

@Ninjastar shared this to me long time ago !

This is what I am going for now :point_down:


There are tests you can take, but I’ve never found them that helpful. I used to find out what jobs were most in demand and then the ones I’d be interested in.