How do I know if something is real?

I know that someone has probably already asked this question, but I’m new here so I’ll ask again. My question is, if no one else is around to ask them- how can I tell if something I am seeing, hearing, or feeling is real? I am newly diagnosed, and I am told that I have a good amount of insight on my illness. Usually I can differentiate a hallucination or paranoid thought from reality quite easily- but every so often, I am not so sure. For example, I sometimes hallucinate at night when I am smoking my bedtime cigarette. I used to be very afraid of the sky and darkness in general. I have seen a black hole open, and black shooting stars, etc. Recently, I saw a very realistic and beautiful shooting star at the exact moment I was pondering how nice it would be to see one.

Even if it is something small and inconsequential, it really disturbs me that I can’t be sure either way. I know that usually it doesn’t impact my day if I am unsure- but I’m human, and sometimes I just need to know.

Thanks for the help

hmmm shooting stars r difficult bcoz they r so far away but a black hole is simple enough. if u were close enough to c one u’d have been sucked in along with the planet and anything ele in the vicinity. if it’s close to u then reach out and touch it. u’ll soon know if it’s real if u can’t feel it. hope this helps somewhat. welcome to the forums hunni


what you talking about is irrelevant the matter of SZ !
you wrote" I SOMETIMES hallucinate at night when I am …etc"
-while what so-called hallucinations is exist all time of waking
and there is no volition to be hallucinate
-in reality,what so-called hallucinations is a higher organism,
a non-human psychological entity “what so-called evil entity”
-so,are you create the evil entity sometime in the night by smoking cigarette ?!?
seeing darkness,black hole open,black shooting stars …etc are different
issue about the things so-called hallucinations of phenomenon so-called schizophrenia

When you know that what you perceive might not be real, you need to start closing your mind to everything that isn’t part of the “normal” experience. I mean that if you start experiencing things that normal people would think are odd, you’ve got to discard it as abnormal.

I know everyone wants to be special and unique, they want to be aware of things beyond normal human perception, but when you’re schizophrenic you have to choose for yourself what is real, and that means following the herd to safety.

When I start feeling things that I know other people would be skeptical about, that they would find strange, I know that maybe I’m not seeing things clearly. So I try to stay close to shore in my thinking. The deep water is dangerous.


your answer related with the following question:
How schizophrenic perceptions appears to the minds of the external observers ?
while the core of the matter
How schizophrenia features appears itself to the mind of schizophrenic individual ?
-regardless with the considerations of people or their classification to the perception
of schizophrenic as normal or abnormal
-what is the perception of the individual with things,events,phenomena that he sees or hears or feels,
without needs to listen to the views of people who do not see ,hear or feel these things

-the people are witnesses who saw nothing, hear nothing and feel nothing ,so their opinions about the actuality of things is irrelevant, because they are not a part from the experience case !

-the people can not realize the existentialism nature of the thing itself,so all people are unable
to know what is the thing in its nature ? so their opinion about these thing is meaningless

=BUT if the schizophrenic individual and ALL of people see single thing,you can talking about normal perception and abnormal !!

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I’m not diagnosed so I don’t know if my ideas would help or not. As janyebeal says if it’s something close and you can’t touch or feel it then chances are it’s not physically real. If you can hear it but can’t tell where it’s coming from then I would question it. If it’s far away then try some grounding techniques like maybe for a couple of minutes just concentrate on your breathing or doing something with your hands like doodling. Try to reassure yourself that you are safe.

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This is why szs are not supposed to be alone. Have you thought of group living so you can ask others of your perceptions?

I kept seeing this lone person, young, always wearing a hooded sweatshirt type jacket - he or she had long hair and pale skin. I would see him/her walking extremely slow - I kept thinking to myself is this a hallucination? Im saying this to myself because of his odd motion in the way he was walking, head down slow movements, almost floating.
I would see him many times when looking outside of the living room window, I would see him when by myself.
One morning I awoke my dad from sleep and pointed the person out, I asked him his he or she a real person? do you see someone walking? He looked, turned to me and said “yes hes a bit peculiar or odd” This is how I knew I was not seeing things again on this scale. My dog reality tests things out for me as well.


If you how blind spots in the eyes you well see things make up the best way to to remove the spot from the thought. Mind blowing.

Thank you very much for your reply, I feel like you completely understand where I’m coming from. This is great advice and will be very helpful to me.

Thank you- I will def use the advice. It makes a lot of sense to me.

I can relate to that. I often have to ask my mom, siblings, or son- if something is real or not. Sometimes it is not, but often it turns out to be real indeed- just very peculiar or odd.

The inner thing that you call “my self” or “my mind” ,it’s not physical but it’s real exist
the question:
where it’s coming from?
your self is coming every morning in the moment of wake up and going in the moment of sleep
are you need to technique to make sure that your self is exist ?