Still new to talking about it... Is it real?

I was just diagnosed a few months back and have just started talking about it. Ive had symptoms for years and was afraid to talk. Just wanted to say hi and start posting.

So here it goes…

My first idea I want to talk about is about how to know if something is real. LIke I think my boyfriend is real but sometimes he just seems to not exist. It started with him just not existing when he would leave for work. But now he stops existing when he is supposed to be at home. I think he exists because others talk to him, but he could have told everyone to play along

Then he says my boyfriend isnt real and it jjust doesnt make sense. Thoughts?

welcome Emilyjk101,
I believe this is a delusion, I do experience a similar one with a little twist, I get some times the delusion that my mom or dad are being impersonated by some other demon entities !! it creeps me out…But then I listen to my reason and logic, where things like that don’t really happen in reality, and according to this universe’s laws of physics.
You just can follow your own logic even if you believe the opposite, logic never fails, don’t listen to voices if you hear any…that’s what I do, fortunately for me I don’t recall hearing voices except in rare circumstances.

Here’s a trick…I have heard that hallucinations dont cast shadows. I just heard this, I dont know if it’s legit. The only people I have questioned to be real or not didnt talk to anyone and we either in the shade or sitting down and so i couldnt tell if they cast shadows.

But if he talks to other people, he is probably real. And if he handles objects, like eats food when you are at a restaurant and talks to the waiter and the waiter responds, he’s real.

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