How do I get over the fear of driving a car?

It bad, I feel less of a male. Men are supposed to know how to drive. Its sad

It has nothing to do with being a man.

I agree with @broken but you just have to do it. A lot of people have a fear of driving. Exposure therapy is the only answer I’ve seen.


I’m a female and driving makes me panic really bad and I have severe anxiety but I force myself to drive because I have to sadly.

having more confidence in urself than u have in other people helps. id rather be in control of my self than have strangers driving me around. i will allow people i trust to drive me tho.

Practice in safe settings until you feel comfortable and then drive in slightly more challenging situations and slowly work yourself up to drive in more and more situations until you feel comfortable in many different situations. In my high school in the 1970’s Drivers Ed was offered to almost all 10th graders; everybody had heard of it while they were freshman (9th grade) and looked forward to it. It’s how everybody at school learned how to drive.

Starting in 1990, California pulled funding for Drivers Ed in most schools; I don’t know if kids get private driving lessons now or their parents teach them or what.

But anyways, back when I took Drivers Ed when I was 15 they would start us out driving in the school parking lot before they let us on the roads. So the first two classes we had three students in a car and the coach with a chicken brake (the brake that the coach had on the front passenger side that would stop the car if the driver was driving dangerously). We went out driving in the school car once a week.

The first two weeks we practiced in a deserted part of the school parking lot, just going really slowly and making wide turns and practiced starting and stopping. The next week we practiced going in reverse. The next week we drove for about 10 seconds on the street in front of the school and made a u-turn and went back into the school parking lot. The following weeks we drove down the street in front of the school. Then we got to drive around the neighborhood the school was in and by the final weeks we were driving in strange neighborhoods.

The point is we started off very slowly just getting used to the feel of the car. If you’re learning for the first time how to drive or just brushing up on your skills then that’s how you get used to driving in dangerous situations. At first when we drove we made jerky movements by giving it too much gas and putting on the brakes too hard but the more we drove the more we got used to driving and we were learning the rules of the road simultaneously in the classroom. So if you know how to drive already or you’re learning for the first time. I would suggest going out in your car with another more experienced driver. They can help you by looking around and offering suggestions and it helps if they remain calm while they’re instructing you.

So that’s my next suggestion. The DMV prints a drivers handbook with all the rules for driving like when to use your signals, how to safely change lanes, how to merge onto a road, how much space to leave in between you and the car in front of you, all about traffic signals, stop signs etc. If you want learn how to drive or get just used to driving then I recommend getting a copy of that handbook and studying it.

I’m scared of having a panic attack while driving and crashing. I’m 28 and don’t drive. Pretty sad.

I can tell you that a lot of males in my town do not drive well enough to be able to brag about it. Also, insurance is cheaper for women for a reason.

Save up for driving lessons.

I can only drive by myself to a few places nearby.

My boyfriend has to direct the way each time we drive to mall even though ivd probably driven more than twenty times I’m still not confident and ask him when to change lanes etc.

I deal with the fear of driving by not driving.


I don’t have a fear of driving a car. But I do not like backing out of, and going into, the garage. I scraped a mirror along the edge awhile back when my vision was getting iffy before cataract surgery, and it has made me a bit nervous ever since.

I also don’t particularly like driving at night, as my one eye is still not perfect in the dark.

i sold my car because i couldn’t drive it and I don’t know the roads in my country.i guess i have some sort of dementia or severe cognitive impairment related to my schizophrenia disease.

I don’t drive.
Not out of fear.
Simply not attracted to driving.
And being the daydreamer I am, one less hazard on the roads.

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