How did you get diagnosed with anxiety disorder?

Did you tell the Dr you have anxiety? How did you know you have anxiety or its the Dr that says you have anxiety?

I have this fear of going outside my house. But talking with my neighbor for hrs at front porch is not a problem.

Do you have issues with crowds? I used to take pills for anxiety when younger. I no longer do. I did not have problems one on one so much but I had issues with having too many people around at once. Made me nervous. I was never diagnosed but I believe that I had a touch of agoraphobia.

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I had anxiety disorder for years since high school and it went untreated for years. I was aware I had a problem with it. The doctors also knew that but focused on my sza

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No but I feel like I will get lost.

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Do you take antianxiety meds? I had a friend who has social anxiety disorder but he said his meds don’t help him.

I take an antidepressant citalopram which helps and it isn’t addictive like benzos (at least I think so)

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How did you get it prescribed? Do I just tell my pdoc I have anxiety?

I have a Dr apt 6 june but he needs to refer me to a pdoc. I will let him know about if I have anxiety.

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The doctor asked me what the problem was, and I said anxiety

Then I was put on Pregabalin and it helped, so they then dx’d me with anxiety

Now they say the anxiety is secondary to the psychosis and Autism, so I still take the meds but do not have that dx anymore

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I take Effexor XR and it helps me with social anxiety. It works really well and helped me with getting out of the house. It is technically an anti-depressant.

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I always knew I had anxiety. They told me I was schizoaffective I said no I’m just anxious. Turns out we were both probably wrong. When I went to the ER a few weeks ago they diagnosed me with anxiety and discharged me and referred me to IOP.

I’ve had every major anxiety disorder there is (nothing that’s a phobia). But I’ve had obsessive compulsive anxiety, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and drug induced anxiety, as well as panic attacks.

Anxiety is my main issue

I’ve had psychosis before but now that’s in remission id say my anxiety is my biggest issue.

Cutting down on caffeine helped me a lot lately.

When I’m anxious I smoke weed…well a lot. But when I’m not so anxious my weed use goes wayyy down.


I was unaware of the term Anxiety for years though I’d heard it, I was unaware of my own anxiety. Being aware helped. My disease was started by anxiety.

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