How did you find your partner? (If you have one!)

I would like to know what the situation was when you first met your partner.

The reason is I need examples of places I need to be once lockdown is over so that I can try and meet someone.

Tried online dating for 6 months, and that was demoralising for me not finding someone then


I met mine at the local CMHT walking group about 5 years ago. We got to know each other over the course of a few years and now we are together for about 2 years.


im probably of no help but i met my gf online on been together over 5 year now

i also had a plentyoffish account for like 8 years before that happened, i used it off and on, i had a fwb for a while from there before the real long term relation.


I was having a mental breakdown on tumblr.

he messaged me trying to help and I told him to ■■■■ off.

He didn’t ■■■■ off and we became good friends.

After about 5 years we started dating and I’m so happy with him.

We’re supposed to meet in person for the first time soon. and I’m super nervous but excited!!

Sorry I know it’s not super helpful. But I’m more just letting you know love takes time an can be found unexpectedly so don’t lose hope!


I met my gf on plenty of fish dot com…dated online since early millineum.


My lady is a friend of friends.
I’m to old for crushes yet I got a crush on her when we all hiked out to some hot tubs and a year later we fell in love.
I’m beyond lucky and I no this I still the least helpful example.
It’s haRd To say where or how To meet someone to a friend and especially to a stranger.
But I can say this. if you are able to find a peaceful spot in a place and your self try to think on lovely things and other good aspects of senses that you would also like to feel in another and there’s a good chance the universe might bring them to you.
I know that likely sounds like nonsense but as we both know online dating isn’t much better.
Wishing you the perfect one❤️

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I met my gf in a psych ward. We were both residents there at the same time. Been together for a year and a half now. Love her to bits.


I found my husband after 3 months of internet dating and giving up After 3 months
2 months later he contacted me again, me having cancelled our date Before he luckily had kept my email because I had signed off

Nothing could have been less likely

Try again

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I met my husband at my work. I was a medical receptionist and he was a patient. I met my ex in church.

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He added me on Facebook and we went for a date after talking for a month :slight_smile:

We met in an old chat room. Playing role-playing games. We were friends, then in person we clicked.

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I havent got a partner now, but i met my last partner at a singles (single parent) holiday. He was a good guy. We became friends there, then partners later. It was a nice way of meeting someone. Here, they have days out and weekends and holidays for singles.

I would also meet single men at a sports club, tango dancing (which always has a shortage of men, though many think it isnt for them) or volunteering.

Online dating didnt work for me. It was harmful.

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I met my gf in a nightclub when I was with my friends. We had a conversation about our lives, we danced together and I asked her her phone number. She invited me to a party on the weekend and I ended up sleeping at her house. Was with her for 5 years until she left me bcz of my severe negative symptoms. She wanted me to work but I couldn’t. My severe negative symptoms ruin everything.

She said I can’t just stay in her house 24/7 and not work while she is working full time. Sz ruins everything except my family (parents and brothers).

Did you try nightclubs? Or bars? I had luck online chatting with a couple of girls too but I stop responding after they ask about my life like what type of work I do, what I am studying, etc

Try church or school if you go there, I was friend with a couple of girls from church and from university. I had their phone numbers, we hanged out in groups with my friends and studied together. I wish to get back those days that sz stole from me. They’re just memories now. I still have their facebook but I stopped talking to them.

I met my partner doing a psycho holiday through a rehab. So glad i got her. Its going on for 15 years so far.


Oddly enough I meet my lovely at the psych ward — we had a ‘godly’ experience together and years later hit it off, she’s the greatest :slightly_smiling_face:

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I met my ex in a psych hospital support group. This was in 2004.

After my conversion to Islam in 2011, I met my husband through enquiry and we set up a meeting to see each other.

Basically in my religion it works this way - if a person wants to get married, they ask friends or family to find out if anybody is interested in getting married. Then we set up chaperoned meeting to find out if we compatible and ask people they know about their character. Then we pray about it. And if the person is suitable we set engagement and wedding soon after.

So I was asking around and one day at work my colleague said there’s a lady who wants some girl for her son. And I gave my colleague my phone number to pass on to this lady.

Several days later her son phoned me. We talked and set up meeting. He came with his sister to meet me. And we took it from there… two months later we were married

Eight years later we are still together :blush:


I met my husband the old fashioned way,

At a bar.


My gal and I both went separately to see the same local band play at a Club.

She walked up to me and asked if we could share a drink. Thirty years later, the rest is history.

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