How did you find your partner? (If you have one!)

Actually we met through a mutual friend. She knew him from work and we met at her birthday party. He originally had a crush on her other friend, but that friend didn’t like him back. So her and her friend plotted to set him up with me instead, first as like a joke like “oh we have to make him forget about you” but then they actually did it and when all 4 of us had plans to go to six flags together they backed out at the last second so it was just me and him. I didn’t initially feel like I was romantically interested in him but we started texting each other after that and I started liking him more and more. Then we started going on dates and now we’ve been together almost 2 years!

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My wife and I met in high school. Our parents actually lived in the same neighborhood. So I met her outside of school but we did go to high school together. And then we went to college together.

Got married during my last year in college.


She arrived in an unmarked box. It took me an hour to blow her up. Only had to patch her once. She’s pretty quiet but a great listener. We’ve been together for ages.



Mr. Star and I met on Ok Cupid. We would never have crossed paths if not for the internet. We ran in entirely different circles.


I met my ex wife at a pharmacy.
She was a cashier and my friend was working there.

I asked him to introduce us.


Wow. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I find it interesting to see what kind of situations brought you all together with a partner.

I wish you all luck for the future with your relationships.

Hopefully one day I will find someone, but I guess setting up the online dating might be worth doing again.


I was working as a waiter at a cocktail bar, when I met her. :musical_note: :wink:

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I met my wife at a Depression/Bipolar Support Alliance group meeting that I used to attend. She was standing off and alone, away from the crowd, looking very, very alone, sad, and very LGBTQ. So, of course I had to walk right up to her and introduce myself. My life hasn’t been the same since. Which is to say it is much better and we are very happy.


true love like this only comes once in a lifetime, but once you find it you quickly lose count of how many times youll come in your lifetime

My partner and i met 13 years ago, when we were both 18. We were both members of a website called 43 Things. In this site you write down 43 things you want to achieve, and you can get in touch with other people who have the same interests. Unfortunately, there can be a dark side to this website, as some people were pledging to hurt themselves or talk about suicide. This is where i met my partner. He wrote a message about how depressed he was and if anyone knew how to tie a noose. I wrote back encouraging him to reconsider. From there, it is history.

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Good luck with dating! Hope you find someone kind.

The same way all gay guys find their partner.
Demonic summoning rituals.


is that where you play a flute and the snake charming begins? :smiley: :upside_down_face:

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