Do you have a partner?

I’ve been struggling to find anyone since my ex left when I first had symptoms, any of guys manage to find anyone since first being diagnosed, I try not use that as an excuse since I’m fortunate enough to have recovered significantly, just figured I’d ask, i really don’t like being single this long lol


No, but I’m seeing a guy. I just don’t think it will last since I’m psychotic. :crazy_face: I don’t think he’ll understand, and I don’t want a relationship where I can’t be honest about it. I’d like to find someone, it’s been too long, but I’m not sure I’m in the best place rn.

No I don’t have a partner for once. And I don’t want one.

Yes, my GF of twenty years. Just me and her and my cat.

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nope i never get out to meet anyone, never tried online dating but i hear it’s not kind to us.

No. I’m too old and withdrawn but I still dream.

My last girlfriend I was actually 13

I was at camp.

We started “going out” then we never talked to each other the 3 days we were “going out”. Was hella awkward.

We did make out and stuff. But that was before because we played spin the bottle and she wanted to know if I liked their lip glosses too. Hmmm.

My friend said “technically your relationship will never end since you guys don’t break up you just leave camp”. I was like “the agreement was the last 3 days to be “dating” then we weren’t a couple anymore”. My friend was like O.

That was the last relationship

I had many relationships between 0-7 years old. Probably 4 different girls I was dating simultaneously. They all thought they were married to me thinking back. I didn’t think too too much of them at all besides they were friends and we did naughtyish things together considering we were lil kids. Then a drought. I started having crushes. In 5th grade I got two secret admirer cards but I don’t think they were who I would’ve wished they were from.

Then at camp we did cape cod bike trip I dated that one girl. Now I’ts a lost cause I’m hopeless tho so I like to reminisce on my childhood success I used to have with some girls :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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10 years in a long term relationship. Next year we will probably gert married.


I’m dating right now. This is the first person I’ve dated since being diagnosed with anything (first it was bipolar and my previous relationship was before I was dx but after I was already having problems, so that didn’t go well). Since I’ve been dating this person now, I was re-diagnosed with sza. The most difficult part for me was finding the right time to disclose. I decided to be fairly up front with it and it turns out she’s got mental illnesses too, so we’re peas in a pod with lots of mutual understanding and support.


I’m engaged to the girl of my dreams. She is extremely patient and supportive, and she is learning about sza to better understand and love me. Obviously, having sz or any mental illness complicates any relationship but it doesn’t preclude us from finding someone.


It would be too much work. But if it happens it happens.

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Yeeeeea 63736637373

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