How dependent on you are your pets?

Apparently, when both me and my dad leave, my dog cries like a baby. “owwwww wooo”. This is according to my mom. I assume she not lying :thinking:.

Maggie usually has to be near either me or my dad as well. When I used to smoke, if I got up and left my room during the night to have a smoke when Maggie was in room with me, she would usually get up and move to where my dad is. She couldn’t stand to be alone at night.

She’s such a baby.

Any pet dependency stories? Or maybe your pet is extremely independent?


My dog follows me everywhere I go in my house. He loves to be in my lap. If I leave the house, he gets into the toilet paper and makes a huge mess. We now keep the door closed so he can’t get into it.

He’s also jealous. If my husband tries to kiss me while my dog is in my lap, he tries to stop him. We can’t let him sleep in our bed anymore because every time my husband got close to me during the night, my dog would bite him. He now sleeps in his own bed at the foot of our bed.

But we both still love him. :slight_smile:


haha, thats funny. Made me giggle a bit.


Luckily, my dogs teeth are so messed up from when he had an abusive owner it doesn’t hurt if he bites. It’s just the idea that he’s willing to bite that made us decide he could no longer sleep in our bed.


I am extremely dependent on my pets as they are me.

It’s to the point where we both have a lot of separation anxiety.

Not super healthy.

They whine when I leave, I always feel guilty and wonder what they’re doing and if they’re okay the whole time I’m gone.

But they’re worth the trouble, little jerks.


Being that my dear Colette is a cat, she is pretty darn independent

I give her plenty of love and affection, I feed her and clean out her litter box.

I also make sure that I play with her.


I have two cats who are aholes and just want to be fed, one cat that is a friendly good natured boy and loves pets, and a fourth cat that sits right next to me all day and stops eating when I’m not around. He’s very needy.


We have a female cat who’s needy and cries a lot and a male cat who begs for food. Our dog I think is fine when we leave. He gets really excited when my stepmom comes home because she’s his owner.


Both of my dogs and my cat are attached to my hip lol. They all follow me around the house like a flock. My dachshund is definitely way more attached though , she has separation anxiety, and is always on my lap when im sitting on the couch.



Yes our cat Charles follows me everywhere and meows like nuts when he wants lap time or at least some form of attention. Our other cat Tigger likes to beg when we eat at the kitchen table.

Two dogs, Oliver and Chey. Oliver is super jealous and barks about everything. Chey gets seperation anxiety very badly when her mama is gone.


My husband made a videp of my dog whining and staring out the wi dow when I went outside.


Fable (cat) likes to cuddle or be on our laps, almost every time we’re on the couch. But that’s about it. He doesn’t sleep on the bed and rests by himself, when in the office room.

Orestes (cat) is kinda weird. He screams for attention but doesn’t like to cuddle. He likes to be slapped on the belly like a bongo drum. Lol. He keeps to himself. He’s spooked by everything. Like, if he’s on my lap and I sightly adjust myself, he’ll panic and leap away, and then run into another room.

Wesley (very large dog) loves attention. He likes to have his head pet and scratched. He likes to cuddle, sometimes. He doesn’t understand his size, though, and sometimes tries to sit on me. Lol. He likes to play with toys, with us, in the evening. That’s when he gets really playful. But he also likes to be by himself. He likes to lay in the bathrooms, maybe because it’s cooler in there?

Inferno (snake) doesn’t really care for attention. But I like to hold him, sometimes. Can’t hold him too often, though, because that can stress corn snakes out and cause problems.


My dogs are super dependent cause I’m with them 24/7.
They require so much attention and need walks but chill just snuggling while I’m online.

I’m also feeding my 17yo with a spoon cause he’s blind.


I lived in a studio with my cat for five years. I always felt good because when I was home and I would get on the computer he would always lay comfortably at my feet. It made me feel good because he could sit anywhere in the studio he wanted to but he always chose to be near me. I left him alone all the time, at least three days a week when I went to work and if I went out somewhere. He seemed perfectly happy with me being gone. Was always calm, cool and collected when I got back home.


My little dog and my two cats are very affectionate and like to follow me around the house. All three are very vocal too. They’re knda bossy actually. Its pretty comical.


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