How can you separate false memory from delusion

Most of my delusions are related to my false memories, if i think some person has poisoned me, because i remember a scenario that he says his going to poison me and i believe that i been poisoned. Do you have this type of delusion. Or your delusion is that you think the person is trying to poison you at present.

I have been given some deliberately false memories so it looks bad for me in court.

I do have some false memories that are deeply entangled with some delusions and I don’t know how to separate them. I have a hard time with one specific delusion that has hit my heart and very false memories came with it to explain how it all happened. I have no idea how to get rid of them or separate them. I just have to cancel out the whole package. Delusion and memory and all. But that hurts too because it’s sort of a pleasant memory.

some false memories are just that… like the time I was sure I got my tattoo in Spain… I’m so afraid of flying… I’ve never been to Spain. But when people ask me… “hey, where did you get That tattoo?” I have to slow down and stop myself from saying “Spain”

Most of my false memories related to persecutory type or when i think about something that i been offended.