Life Torture

When I was teenager I never went to a party. Too reclusive OK. I had nothing, but delusional ■■■■. Well I’m back in business. I’m continuing off where I left. I’ll go to as many parties as I like. I’ll do whatever I like.

Thanks, Larry. Life’s a ■■■■■. But I’m the master and I’m in control now.

parties are fun, but too much is overrated

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What age group are you in? I ask because I was very brave and impulsive in my 20’s and could have benefited from a kind & wise elder’s advice (as my parents & step-parents were abusive & had no advice, only abuse).

Parties may be fun, so long as you are going to them for your best interests & for your welfare.

It’s not surprising that parties remind some of us oldies of substance abuse & self-destructive behaviours.

Experimenting with substances may be ok for some people but for us sz it can trigger psychosis or cause permanent damage during our brain developmental of the 20’s (when the brain & personality is still developing). I support you so long as you’re making an informed choice and not using substances that will damage your brain development.


In the end, at least for myself, I don’t regret not going to most parties or having more girlfriends when I was younger. One of my biggest regrets was not being happy, or at least content enough.

If you’re picking up where you left off in high school,

Sounds like you need to grow up and stop acting like a child.

I’m sorry you feel you missed out on a lot,

But you are a grown ass man now, right?


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